Web publishing notes for "The Wheel of Life"

The source documents for this version of "The Wheel of Life" were posted by James Shannon (jamesjs@unixg.ubc.ca) on the internet.

"The Wheel of Life" has been published several times and the book's Forward varied with the edition. This web edition does not include a forward. "Justice and Grace", which served as the Introduction for the Ruhani Satsang USA edition, is on the Spiritual Elixir page. A forward by George Arnsby Jones is included with James Shannon's postings and is available with the rest of those documents [Wheel of Life] at this website's Usenet Archive .

Words which are in italics are listed in the glossary. No attempt has been made to link specific words to their definitions. Instead the reader is hyperlinked to the glossary and can scroll to the word and its definition.

This is a first attempt at web publishing one of Kirpal Singh's books. Feedback is invited regarding format, (this is HTML ... vs a WORD .doc file or an Adobe .pdf file, etc.), other titles that you'd like to see online, etc.

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