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Ruhani Satsang, as the name implies, is a centre for imparting purely spiritual teachings and training to mankind, irrespective of class barriers such as caste, colour, creed, sect, age, education or avocation. As Nature offers her bounties of light, water, and air etc., freely to one and all, so is Spirituality offered free to all who are anxious for self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

In this age of science, Spirituality too has to be treated as a regular science to make it acceptable to the people. It is In fact, another name for the "Science of the Soul" but unlike other sciences, it is very definite and very exact in its premise, theory and practice, and yields verifiable results with mathematical precision. Its history dates back to the unknown past, when man first began to reflect within on the meaning of life. It has ever been the natural urge in man to solve the riddle of life. In every Age, sages and seers appeared in different parts of the world and gave out the spiritual experiences which we have with us in the form of the sacred scriptures. We are indeed very fortunate to possess their fine records, for they kindle in us a desire and a longing to know, and inspire us with a hope that one day, we too can unravel the mystery of life and the purpose of human existence.

So far so good, but beyond this, there is no way out. By mere reading of sacred literature, we cannot possibly understand the true import of the esoteric experiences that their authors had within themselves in the silence of their soul. Book learning and worldly wisdom are of no avail in exploring the mysteries of the inner worlds. Reasoning is the help and reasoning is the bar. We may reason things out on the intellectual level, but cannot go beyond intellect itself. The scriptures cannot talk to us and answer our questions, nor resolve our doubts and drive away scepticism from our minds. They cannot grant us the actual inner experiences recorded in them. What then is the remedy? Are we to float on the sea of life, pass our allotted days in hectic strife and do no more? Has life no other purpose beyond that of a stage-actor, who comes on to the stage, plays his part, and then vanishes to appear no more?

Every problem in life is beset with the difficulties peculiar to it. But it does not mean that these difficulties are insurmountable, or that they should deter us in our search for the Eternal Truth. What one man has done towards this end, another can also do, of course with the proper guidance and help. All that is needed is to make a right approach to the problem in the true spirit of a seeker after Truth. God is great and He has His own ways to fulfill the yearnings of His devotees. There is nothing to despair of. Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future.

We have, of course, to start with the premise that there is a certain central controlling Power behind all this phenomena no matter what name we may give to or what our conception is of this Unseen Power. We see that the Universe around us is pulsating with life and is a manifestation of the Life and Active Principle of this Unseen Power, which appears in so many different forms. However, what this Unseen Power is, and how we may contact it, constitutes the fundamental problem.

A professor of theology, however learned he may be, cannot with all his power of elocution give us this contact. Life comes from Life. One who is embedded in the Life-Principle may, if he so likes, grant us a contact with the Life-Impulse surging within him. A Master Soul who has realized the Truth in himself can help us to have this realization, and no one else. Self realization and God realization are inner experiences of the soul, and cannot be had on the plane of the senses. Inner awareness comes only when we rise above outer awareness. We have first to transcend body consciousness so as to liberate the soul from all outer attachments. The inner man must first be freed from the outer man, consisting of body, mind, sense organs, the intellect, and the vital airs (physical energies), for none of these can contact the Pure Consciousness, which is wholly non material in essence, the life of all life and the very soul of all that exists. These are some of the vital problems with which God-men are concerned.

Ruhani Satsang then, deals with the most abstruse problems connected with the soul and primarily imparts instructions in the science of the soul. All other considerations, physical, social and moral, are but secondary and enter discussion only insofar as they aid in the upliftment of the soul. As it is a science of the Beyond, it is termed as Para-Vidya or the knowledge that the soul experiences directly and immediately, above and beyond the realm of the senses. It seeks to make the human soul one with the Oversoul, by transcending the physical plane. The actual awakening of the spirit into its own, its gradual efflorescence into Cosmic Awareness, is the work of the Master Power overhead, and is achieved through a regular process of self-analysis or inversion:

Similarly, Christ said: The Path of the Masters needs the guidance and the help of a Living Master, or an Adept not only in the theory, but also in the practice of the Science of the Soul. A Master of realized Truth can give us not only a true import of the scriptures, which are otherwise sealed to us, but can also grant us an inner contact with Truth Itself and make us theists in the true sense of the word. The scriptures are to him just as handy aids to enlighten people of different faiths and beliefs. It is on this common ground of Spirituality that men of all faiths can meet together and thus constitute the great family of man. It is Ruhani Satsang that provides this common ground for people of all faiths to gather together for spiritual instruction.

It was ever the desire of my Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, to form a common forum, where people professing various faiths and religious beliefs, or belonging to diverse sects and orders, could meet together to discuss the principles of Spirituality and to practise spiritual discipline under the guidance of a Master Soul, thereby gaining salvation and peace, both here and hereafter. A Perfect Master is not concerned with the social order of things nor does He interfere in it. He brings from God to His children the message of spiritual emancipation. His is a message of Hope, Redemption and Fulfillment, to one and all alike. Such Blessed Beings are Children of Light and come into the world to diffuse this Light among suffering humanity, as they themselves affirm:

Ruhani Satsang is not concerned with the socio-religious codes of conduct, nor with the performance of rites and rituals, nor with the formal places of worship. The human body is the true Temple of God, and since God is Spirit, they who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Ruhani Satsang is a living embodiment of the teachings and ideals of the Master Saint, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, and is a centre where the exposition of His views on life, which pertain to the emancipation of the soul, is given. The activities of Ruhani Satsang are described under the following headings:

I. To ingrain in seekers after Truth:

II. Science of the Soul III. Practice of Spiritual Discipline IV. Death in Life and a New Birth V. The Kingdom of God VI. Quest for a True Master VII. Surat Shabd Yoga: VIII. The Essence of Ruhani Satsang Cultural Development Through "Man-Making"

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