"On Psychic Powers"
Dehra Dun, February 20, 1971

THE MASTER WAS ASKED: "Can we affect each other during group meditations? For example, in sending thoughts of love to the others, will they be affected?"

He replied: Do you have enough to spare to be distributed to the others? If you have, then it's all right. Otherwise you will become bankrupt; you have no money in your bank or in your hand and you issue checks. If you love God, soul is of the same essence as that of God and He resides in every heart, naturally you will have love for everybody. If you have become very much charged, you need not even direct your attention, as by radiation the others will receive it. By exerting you'll feel bankrupt and quite vacant. That is why I always say that I don't advocate so-called spiritual healing. The people who are doing this healing, exert. They send love, they send good thoughts, healing thoughts: in that way they exert and become bankrupt. They feel depleted and then have to recoup.

The higher form of healing is always good. Those who even think of a Master-soul can be healed. You remember during Christ's life a lady touched the hem of His garment and was healed. He felt something and said, 'Who has touched me?' If you have money in your bank, well and good. If you have $1,000 and you give checks away for $2,000, what will happen? You follow? It is a good idea to have sympathy for all. If you love God, because God resides in them, naturally your love will go to them. Or by radiation they will benefit from it. you may do one thing; you may pray, 'O God, help others.' That's something else.

With the little money you have, or the little water in your tank, do you want to distribute it in that way? Do you follow what I am saying? It is a good idea to have good sympathies, loving thoughts, regard for others; that's all right. But don't exert. You may have good thoughts for all. I told you the other day, in my Master's time, I used to visit sick people. Those who were not initiated made a show of those people 'When he comes, the sick will be relieved,' they would say. It did happen, and people complained to my Master that I was showing miracles. So Master said, 'No, he does not show miracles. It is the radiation that people get from him.' Do you follow me? Such like radiation is all right.

To have good thoughts for everybody is a good idea. Pray God to give peace to all, that's another thing. And more-over, still further, Guru Nanak who is considered to be Word made flesh prayed, 'Peace be unto all the world over under Thy Will, O God.' He did not exert himself. 'Peace be unto all the world over under Thy Will, O God.' Once you become the doer, naturally you'll exert, using up what you have. 'Under Thy Will O God,' is the best way. So have good wishes for all; we're all brothers and sisters in God. But by radiation that Power helps and doesn't make you bankrupt. By exertion naturally you can do good to others, but after that you'll feel exhausted. A higher form of healing is wanted. By radiation let everybody be helped. If you have enough perfume within you, everybody will get it, without your even wishing to do anything. So I'm not against good wishes for everyone but don't be the doer, exerting on your own shoulders with the little water you have. Pray for them; that's all right.

The disciple then said, "Sometimes a healer says when he is exhausted, he gets refilled with new power afterwards."

Master replied: Only when he becomes bankrupt. First he feels wanting, then he refills, not before. And if he is not refilled, then? The Masters always heal by radiation. Those who thought of them were healed. That's the safer way. Once someone wrote to me from France, 'I hear you are not in good health. I will heal you from here.' I told him, 'You cannot do it.' And I explained why: 'A weaker man will be affected by you, not a stronger man.' you cannot influence one who is stronger than you. you follow me? How can you affect the man who is stronger than you? You may influence the weaker; you may heal others who are weaker in will than you. So Iwrote and told him that he would not be able to do it. He tried with all his powers but could do nothing. You can say, 'O Master, please help her,' or 'O God, please help her,' that's another thing.

It once happened that some people— I need not mention who they were—engaged certain people, giving them all the money they wanted, to sit at midnight in an open place to do harm to me. It can be done; but their efforts did not affect me.

Once I was traveling in a train, and a man came up who began reading the other passengers' thoughts. He read the minds of several people. I was also sitting in the same compartment. When it came to my turn he told me to keep something in my mind and he would read it. 'You cannot do it,' I told him. This was long, long before I met my Master. But he insisted and the others also insisted that I keep something in my mind so that he could read it. 'All right,' I agreed, 'Do it.' He tried, but eventually had to give up. He admitted, 'I failed today.'

So the stronger man can affect others, the weaker man cannot. On the weaker you can have some effect. All the same, this is no spirituality. These super-natural powers come up by concentration, but if you are engaged in them your higher power is stopped. These supernatural powers are the slaves of concentration and meditation. That is not spirituality. Spirituality is not spiritism, not spiritualism, not hypnotism and not mesmerism. It is purely a matter of self-analysis, rising above body consciousness to know oneself and to know God. On the way many powers will come up, but to engage in them is a heinous crime. You'll retard your progress. Moreover, the karmic law is inexorable. You will have to suffer for it some day.

People do every sort of thing. There was one man in London who could call up the spirits, and then they would talk. Five pounds was the cost of the admission ticket. Someone said, 'All right, let us go and see him,' so we went. All the lights were turned off. It was pitch dark; it was about nine or ten at night. He began to exert, but nothing happened, nothing could be done. First he sighed, then again he sighed, and after about a half hour or so as nothing happened, he said, 'The atmosphere is not good; I'm sorry this cannot be done now.' He did not charge us a fee. It can happen, surely. What was the trick? Now I will tell you. He could speak like a child, so he used to speak himself, and the people considered it to be a spirit. I have found that there is black marketing outside, but there is more black marketing in so-called religious circles. They act and pose.

A magician came to a morning meditation sitting in Chicago during my first tour. He was a first class magician from Europe especially invited to America with the purpose to work against me. He said, 'You are going to give a meditation sitting, am I permitted to sit?' 'Yes, come on.' I gave a sitting. He was sitting at the side exerting all his power against me. Nothing happened, but in return he fell down, headlong down, unconscious. They had to revive him in my arms, put him to bed and solace him. 'Well, never mind, you will be all right. Don't worry,' I told him. Reaction was there. When a wave comes and hits a stone wall, the wave will recede. If there is sand there then that wave will permeate. So as a reaction he fell down unconcious. He was a follower of the other party, especially engaged for that purpose. I treated him, then he went to the bathroom and fell down again. Again I treated him, giving him medicine so that he would be all right. Then he said to the whole gathering over there, 'I have seen for the first time the love of Christ. What I was being told was all wrong.' He passed away. His wife sends me letters even now.

Spiritual people don't want to be involved in these things. What is the joy of reading your minds, reading this and that thing and influencing others? What is there—some contact with the lower groveling souls who have left the body? There is little contact with the higher souls. This is only one side of the show. If you engage your attention thus, your further progress is retarded. So I have encountered all this sort of thing in India and abroad. Nothing happened to me. My Master was with me, of course. That Power, God Power, is with me. That is His Grace—if He leaves me, I am nothing. I am Mr. Zero. I don't do anything. That is the safest way.

It once so happened that Dr. Schmidt, a Swiss homeopathic physician, came to India with his wife. He was initiated by our Master. On their second visit to India people tried to influence his wife to become initiated. But she wouldn't agree. She was a follower of a Guru in Europe. Dr. Schmidt requested me to kindly do something so that his wife might also be initiated. My Master told me to take leave for four or five days and give time to attend to her. I asked Dr. Schmidt to be present when I spoke to her. The very first question she asked was, 'What brought you here to the Master?' So I explained to her for about ten minutes why I had come. 'Oh, that is exactly what I want,' she said. she then asked, 'Why is it that your Master does not appeal to me?' This was a very direct question. 'My previous guru used to influence me and I was affected by him,' she went on. I told her to look at me for two or three minutes and then asked if she could say anything other than what I wanted her to say. 'No,' she said. I said, 'That is why—your guru has influenced you. You could not say anything other than what he wanted you to say. My Master does not influence anybody. He leaves it to your good will, your free will and pleasure, to find what is what.'

She did not know English; she was French speaking so I told her, 'All right, if you don't follow the talk given by my Master tonight, just simply look at Him, sweetly, attentively, nothing more. And then let me know what you find.' she sat in on the talk and after it I asked her 'Well, how did you find my Master?' 'Oh, He was very attractive, very beautiful.' By radiation these things are effected, not by directing your will. I told her that was why my Master did not influence her. He leaves everybody to his own free will and pleasure. If I hypnotize you people then you'll go and you will feel bankrupt. You may have something for a few minutes, but then you will be bankrupt. Then? I've had many similar instances like this. So that is why I say there's more black market within. Mrs. Schmidt was initiated, and I get letters from her even now.

So it is God who helps, you see. If you have become His, He has to look after you. you have to simply surrender to Him, that's all. Surrender does not cost you anything. Does it? But it is very difficult. To give money is all right. To give away your everything is all right. Hearth, home, everything. To give away your mind leaves nothing short. You have been put on the Way to the best that I know, or what the scriptures say. You're fortunate. Go on with it. "So the Master Power takes care. you have everything, just turn within. My elder son fell sick. The Doctor told me to take three days leave as he would definitely die. All right—I took leave. Within these three days I was ordered by my Master to give a talk at Amritsar.

And I thought, 'The Doctor said he would die, but life and death are not in my hands.' So I went to Amritsar and gave a talk. It was about mid-day on a summer day. Then I thought that as Beas where my Master lived was quite close, should I not go for a visit? So I went. I reached there about two o'clock. Master was upstairs. He sent for me. 'Come up. What about your child?' I had never mentioned anything. 'Oh, he was sick, the doctor said he was dangerously sick.' Master was Iying down. He sat up. I asked, 'Master, whoever thinks of you, has no burden. Why are you so sad?' 'You've just thrown your burden on me. So I took it.' My son never died.

He'll take care of you. you need not pray. He knows. So Master Power is always at work; this is wonderful. Master is not the physical body, but the God in Him. When He sees it is God who is doing, then how can He claim anything? So go on with your meditation, regularly, leaving everything to Him. Only live by what He says, that's all. There may be four or five children of a father; if one child simply leaves everything to the father, not asking him for anything, not demanding anything of him, simply leaving everything to his will, what does the father do? HE GIVES ALL THE KEYS TO HIM.

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