"The Perfection of Man"
English portion of a Satsang at Sawan Ashram, August 29, 1971

You have just heard how yoga is working in present times, and how in the midst of this darkness there is hope for light. The golden or higher age of Sat Yug will be born from Kali Yug - it will not fall from Heaven all at once. The change has started: those who have eyes may see, those who have ears may hear. It is always darker before the dawn, but the more darkness there is, so the more light there is before us. The awakening is already there, and twinklings of light can be observed. Again I would say, those with eyes may see, those with ears may hear.

The basic teaching and ultimate goal of all yoga is to see Him in one's own Self, and one's own Self in Him. I and my Father are one. In the Gurbani, Father and son are dyed in the same color. Man has two phases: son of man, and son of God. But the ultimate goal is where man becomes the mouthpiece of God. All yoga leads up to that. Karma Yoga is complete only when you are not the doer. In Bhakti yoga, you are to form a hypothesis. Ramakrishna Paramhans went to his guru and told him that he saw the Mother in all, but could not rise into unity. The guru struck him on the forehead, and he at once rose into oneness. In Gian Yoga, one must draw inference to have dips into that higher life. Surat Shabd Yoga is direct contact with the God-into-Expression Power, which is the basic teaching of all world religions. It once happened that a man told Swami Sivananda about this. There were a number of foreigners present also, and the Swami replied that the basic teachings the man referred to are the same, but that one must go step by step to that, that this is the primary class, but there is also a middle class, there is a higher class, leading on to the college teaching, etc.

Karma Yoga relates to the body, Bhakti Yoga to the heart, and Gian Yoga to the intellect. The basic teachings tell us we are all one in God-a very minute study of all scriptures will lead us to this fact-but what is wanted is that we see all these as different stages leading to this. Let the child first crawl-I know that during my sickness I could not sit, then I began to sit up, then to stand, then I went on to walk with the support of a chair. Similarly on the way to perfection there are stages, these different phases are laid down in the scriptures, but the ultimate goal is the consummation of oneself with God. Masters come, not to destroy, but to fulfill. They do not touch outer forms, but they say that Truth is everywhere. In the Gita it is said, To see Me in all, and all in Me.

So we are very fortunate, for here you see all yogas and the basic teachings. The highest is to rise into the Absolute. Rise above all different formations, because unless you rise above you cannot be taught the ABC of Spirituality, for where the world philosophies end, there the religion starts. Re means "back," and ligio, "to bind"; once again to see in your Self we are all one. We are already one, we have forgotten this fact, but the unity is there. You may remain where you are, for all stages are required; fortunately, all the stages are available - Hatha Yoga, Prana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gian Yoga, and this Surat Yoga.

When Christ sent his disciples to preach, he told them that whatever they had learned in secret, they should shout it from the housetops. So truly speaking, I and Swamiji here, we all, become the ambassadors of Truth. The child must grow into a man, a full man, a perfect man. Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. The ultimate goal is before us, and we have got the highest rung in creation-the manbody, in which we can become a man. All formations are meant to turn out men; they are like factories to produce men. Man is one who develops all around - physically, intellectually, and spiritually- otherwise he is an amputated man. I would say that more than half of this age of darkness has passed. The barriers are being broken, and man is coming round to think that man should be a real man. That formation is best which turns out perfect men. Remain in your own formations, but with humbleness toward all humanity. You have a manbody; God made you man. Return to your true nature- You are not man, you have got a manbody-you are spirit in man. God is spirit and spirit is God, and then, excuse me when I say, you are none other than God, but the only point is that there should be realization of that. Blessed are you, I would say, that you have come to an awakening to a place where the teachings of Truth are so clearly placed before you. It is a place of Satsang, which is contact and company of the True - the Truth Eternal - which can be followed and understood when, if you are fortunate, you come across a human pole within whom that Truth is manifested, one who has realized it; call him by any name. He may be wearing white, red, black or any other colored clothes.

Each religion or religious social body has the same goal, and leaving aside all else, a Sikh is one who sees the Puran Jyoti (Complete Effulgent Light) of God. Know him to be the Khalsa (true and pure disciple) in whose form the Complete Light is manifested. It is also said that only the righteous will reign in the world, and all men who take refuge with them will be saved. So the Sikh social body has to turn out a Khalsa, and the Muslims have to make a Momin -the righteous one who sees God in everyone. A Hindu is one who sees the Light of God within and everywhere, though he starts his ABC by taking outer symbols in the temple. The body is the true Temple of God in which that Light is already effulgent. Outer models-temples, churches, mosques - were made on the model of man, dome-shaped, nose-shaped, forehead-shaped. They placed in those models two symbols, one of Light and one of Sound. But the Light and the Sound are not the goal either-these form the contact which leads us to the Ultimate Wordless State, and that is our True Home. So Light and Sound is the way back to the Absolute God. A Christian also is one who sees the light of God just as the Muslim who sees the Noor, the Light of God. All the Saints have preached this aspect, shorn of outer symbols, which does not mean they did not respect the symbols, but they stressed more importance on that which man has forgotten.

When went to the U.S.A. I simply told them that the unity already exists, but we have forgotten it. As a man, who or what are you? There is no label attached to this body; it is but a body which does not last long. You are the indweller living in the body, but yet with so many apertures-eyes, ears, and others-you cannot run out of it. We should find out who the Maker is of that which works and moves as long as you, the soul are there. Something is controlling otherwise you would be able to leave through one aperture or another. That is the Controlling Power which we all worship; that is the Spirit working within, and we are all on the way to It. We are fortunate to have leaders for every stage before us, for God takes work from everyone step by step until we reach that goal.

Regarding my recent sickness, an operation was suggested when all the doctors met together, homeopathic, allopathic, ayurvedic, and others. They all said that an operation was the only permanent cure; other cures afforded only temporary relief, but ultimately the operation was necessary. So it was decided with one voice that the operation be performed; it was the decisive decision of all, and was not dubbed or imposed by anyone. I feel that it was very successfully carried out. They gave me first one pill, then another pill-to make me senseless- but I was still in my full senses. Then I went to the operating theater and sat down. I asked the doctors, "What do you want?" They said, "We want to make you senseless." I told them, "How can you make a conscious being senseless? If you want me to withdraw, I will do so." They had just completed the operation when I opened my eyes and asked them, "Gentlemen, when are you going to perform the operation?" The surgeon replied, "Well, it is already done." He was amazed that a man could return to his senses while under anaesthetic. Do you follow? This is a science: the conscious and wilful withdrawal of the self from outward environment and physical body. This is real. You will find confirmatory cases in history. In the Sikh records for instance, it states that Mani Singh was given the sentence of being cut into pieces, joint by joint. He pointed to each small joint of the fingers, and said to his executioners, "Here is a joint you have missed, cut here, and here." This is withdrawal of the senses from the body. It is not a new thing, but an old old science we are learning; but for the want of practical people it has been lost. As it stands, you might say that the Truth is bound up in books. We worship these books, but for the want of practical people, we do not follow them.

We are here for the sake of Satsang. You all love me, I appreciate that-I also love you; but out of love you have not followed these teachings practically -out of over-love I would say. Now I wish for your love to remain true: that you follow every word I say. Christ said, If you love me, keep my commandments. Do not be led away. Contact God within you, and you within Him; that is the ultimate goal. There is no need to change your formation: the Masters come not to destroy but to fulfill, and to lead the children to the ultimate goal. I wish for each one of you-those living in the Satsang and those who come to Satsang- to keep a diary for self-introspection, and send them at regular intervals for further guidance. In the past, the Masters only gave something after fully preparing the vessel. Nowadays, where is the time? Now they give some capital to start with, and ask that it should be maintained and increased. Take care that the Light which is in thee be not darkness. So keep your diaries. I receive hundreds, and give the guidance. I also receive hundreds of letters every month-this is my work, not your work. I know that you love me, and I am very grateful, but true love consists in following the advice I give. From today onward keep your diaries and send them regularly. We also have a program here: at 4 a.m. the bell is rung, so they must sit regularly. And there should be at least one hour for talks and some brief sessions-also in the evening-from 8 to 9 in the morning, and 6 to 7 in the evening. Do you follow me, dear friends? For those who do not follow, this talk will be fully translated into Hindi.

In whom does the Truth become manifest? In him who is true to Him and true to his own self. One who is true to himself will not deceive others for God is within him and the Guru is also within him. One who does not deceive the God in himself will surely not deceive others either. Before we can deceive others, we first deceive ourselves, and it means that we do not believe in His Omnipresence, otherwise we would not do these things.

There is a story that two seekers went to a Mahatma. To test them he gave them each a dove and told them to kill the doves where no one could see them. One of them was very smart, as you can find many people nowadays, and quickly went behind the nearest wall and killed the bird. The other man roamed around from morning till night, but could not find a place. He returned to the Mahatma and said, "I searched everywhere but could not find an unseen place to kill the bird in, because even in the lonely places the bird was seeing me and I was seeing the bird." This is to illustrate that he who sees God ever present in all things and everywhere, can do no wrong. And furthermore, Hear the teachings of the Satguru, and you will see God. Remember the Master with every breath-all your worries will be over, for he who sees Him present everywhere has no fear. There is a very famous incident in the Mahabharata epic. When Duhsasana tried to unrobe Draupadi, she called upon Lord Krishna to save her. He came to her rescue and lengthened the sari cloth she was wearing so much that Duhsasana could not finish unrolling it. And yet, the help arrived a little late, for by that time her head had already been uncovered. (These days it is fashionable for ladies to go about with their heads uncovered.) Draupadi turned to Lord Krishna and said, "What is the use in your coming when Duhsasana had already succeeded in uncovering my head?" Lord Krishna asked her, "To whom did you call for help?" She replied, "Why of course to the Lord Krishna of Brindaban." Krishna smiled and said, "Well, coming all the way from Brindaban naturally takes some time. I am in you, nearest to you, had you called me from there I would have been with you on the very instant." The very word "Krishna" comes from the Sanskrit root Kri, meaning that which is nearest. So the very first thing is to see Him everywhere, and for achieving that, keep a diary according to program. Those who live in the Ashrams should be the first in this regard to be an example to others.

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