Kirpal Singh

First published by Ruhani Satsang, Delhi India 1970
This web edition based on 1998 edition by Ruhani Satsang, Irvine Ca.

Dedicated to the Almighty God
working through all Masters Who have come
and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj
at whose Lotus Feet
the author imbibed sweet Elixir of Holy Naam - the Word


From Kirpal Singh's 1970 Birthday Message:

You will receive further help and encouragement when you read my latest book, entitled "Morning Talks", which is now in the final stages of publication. These talks, which were given by me in the mornings at the time a number of dear ones from the West were staying here at the Ashram, cover almost every facet of what is required to progress on the Way back to God, and succeed one another in such a way as to form a God-given spiritual textbook.


Charity and hard earnings
Don't think evil of others
Natural diet
What the Master does for the disciple
How to develop love for God
What is true love (I)
What is true love (II)
How to develop love
The outward symbols and expressions of one who has true love
   for the Master
Chastity--We must become Self-centred
Whom should we love? (I)
Learn to die so that you may begin to live
The true Guru or Master
Know thy Self--You must rise above body consciousness
What special practices bear fruit
What are the impediments on the way?
Why should we worship the Godman?
How to do our bhakti
How to develop devotion and the importance of keeping
   the diaries
What the principles are of bhakti or devotion
The difficulties in the way of developing devotion to the Master
How devotion to God bears fruit
The true service of God or God-in-man
Righteousness ,detachment-- self-restraint
True Satsang
How to develop receptivity (I)
The true Bread and Water of Life
The Single Eye or Third Eye
How to develop receptivity (II)
Love versus attachment
How to love God
What is love?
How can we please the Master?
Whom should we love? (II)
Love versus lust (I)
Love versus lust (II)
How to develop the attributes of the Master
True prayer
The condition of the lover of God or the Master
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