This Q & A talk was given on Jan. 7, 1964 in Miami, Florida & published in the May 1976 issue of Sat Sandesh.

QUESTION: Master, I have a question for the future in dealing with others ready to come on the Path. In all kindness I say this, because I am confused about it for future actions. You tell the groups that when the people come and they are initiated, they do not have to leave their faith, their religion. When we become initiated, we become satsangis; but not all want to remain always. They may come perhaps for the satsang; but are they permitted to go and remain in their religions, that they may draw others unto them? Because even I have been told many times, "Well, you are now a satsangi; you must forget all this and put it aside." How can we help someone else, unless they want to ask us a few of these questions, and we want to witness for You so as to draw them when the fruit is ripe? They're going to say this to me: "Well, we have the Sound Current, too, and it's the same thing." I have to be able to tell them, "Well, Om is not the same as our Master Power; and perhaps your soul is not ready. If you're ready, your soul will be hungry to come." I must go, maybe; I can't drop all those acquaintances, can I, Master; must I? I must help them with love and draw them, if they're willing to come and willing to listen and want to know. I can't close the door completely. Also, I think, in my initiation papers, it was stated, you must not be in other faiths any longer.If you want to become an initiate, you must remain in satsang. I'm a little confused about this, because other people are going to want to know the same from me. How can I bring them?

THE MASTER: Bring me that application form, please.

COMMENT(from another initiate): It doesn't say that. That's what we were told.

QUESTION: It doesn't say that, no. This is verbally said to us.

THE MASTER: All right. I will reply to you. Anything more? That's all right.

I hope you have heard my talks. If you have followed them, you will know that I clearly say that there are two aspects of religion: one is the outer, the other is the inner. We have taken steps as an outer aspect of religion: the reading of scriptures, saying of prayers, and performance of certain rites and rituals. Their scope and what they are meant for have been explained to you. The reading of scriptures, if rightly understood, with someone who knows the Way, creates an interest to know God. And it ends there. The saying of prayers and the performance of rites and rituals are meant for developing love and devotion in us for God. These are good actions, and they have their own reactions as good results. They are meant for the preparation of the ground for the other way, which is higher: the way which is to be taken up when you rise above body- consciousness. All these actions pertain to the body. They are meant for the preparation of the ground. Remain in some religion. But if you remain in any religion and only take the preliminary steps and not the higher ones, you will not derive the full benefit from following that religion.

A true Christian is one who sees the Light of God. And all others have been defined in the same way. So, what you have been given is not religion, but Spirituality. Do you follow me? Spirituality is not religion. Religion is a social body, or school, which we have joined to attain Spirituality. What is Spirituality? It is the self analysis of the soul from the mind and the outgoing faculties, knowing oneself, and being in tune with God. This is what is, strictly speaking, Spirituality. It is no spiritualism, no spiritism, no mesmerism, no hypnotism. So why do you follow the first step, when you have been given the higher step?

Some man came up to me yesterday and told me that he is putting in three hours a day for Hatha Yoga. He asked me what he should do. I said, "Well, go on doing Hatha Yoga; that will lead you to having a good body. Why not give some time to make your body fit? But not three hours: say, half an hour - something to make your body fit. And give the remaining two and one-half hours for this higher purpose."

Do you follow my point? You have been given something within to be a true Christian. You have been given a contact with "the Word which is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light on my path." When God manifests in any human pole, He is the Light of the world. They are children of Light: when They come to the world, They give the Light to all and everyone. Do you follow my point?

So you are not to leave any religion, as a social body. But you have got something higher. Now, if you get something higher and still spend all your time - 24 hours - on that and not on this, what have you got? What's the use of having this? I'm not changing your religion. If I change it, I will have to form a new one and create new rules, new regulations, and new rites. Why waste time on that? Remain in some religion. But to think that only because you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan, you will be accepted at the Court of God is one hundred percent wrong. Unless you become true to God - unless you come in contact with the Light of God and follow the universal religion of the Masters Who came in the past - you cannot be accepted at the Court of God. Do you follow me now?

Remain where you are. Remain there, and let your relations continue. Go to church; you will get the first step there, with due deference to it. But when they are taking the first step, you can utilize that time for a higher purpose. You have got the Way. You are not to hate them, you see. Love them. And since you have got something higher, tell them in a friendly way, "This is something further on the way up, as given in our own scriptures." You must make the point clear that this is the comparative value, with due deference to the religion. If not, you will have to create another religion. What for? Why not remain in those religions which have stood the test of time? Changing outer forms does not bring you closer to God, mind that - unless you follow the teachings of the Masters. Christ said, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Did He not say that? He said, "I am the light of the world." That Christ lived before Jesus and after Him, too. Christ Power was the God Power that manifested at the human pole of the son of man. We have great respect for the son of man at whose pole that God Power worked. But it continues forever.

I gave a talk in a Unity Temple. I asked them, "What are your principles?" Then the minister gave me a book about who Christ was, and there it said, "Christ lived before Jesus." Do you follow the difference between the two? God Power, God-into- Expression Power, is "Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us." That God Power or Guru Power or Master Power or Christ Power is the same. It lives forever, before and after Its manifestation. The Masters' teachings have been universal.

So you have something diamond-like. If you go on as if you have business in silver, you may do so if you like. But diamonds are more valuable. Go on with it, wherever you are. You may have a contact there; there is no hard-and-fast, rigid rule. If anyone has told you not to go - to leave off all that - I think they have not been able to explain fully what is meant.

QUESTION: Master, You just answered my question before I asked it.

THE MASTER: No, the facts remain. They will appeal to everybody. If you have something very valuable and you still go on with iron work, it is because of your values. That work has its value. They are good actions, and I'm not underrating them. But they are meant for the preparation of the ground. Use your good fortune in your search after God. God has given you a step further. It is God Who has given it. As I always say, it is God manifested in man Who can give you a contact with Him.

So you have to love all. Tell your friends that you have found something else that was hidden before in our scriptures. They will come around. If you have to learn to hate them, then where is the love? You say, "Love God and love everybody."

But don't be led away, mind that. You have something higher; don't leave it for the sake of something of comparatively less value. What do we do? We stick to the outer casing of the walnut and ignore the kernel. Well, don't do that. Do you follow my point?

I've made no religion - definitely not; nor am I going to make any religion, so long as I am alive. If, after me, anyone does, he will be going astray of the point, I tell you. This is a Truth which is One. It has been experienced by one and all, ever since the world was created. Those who knew the Truth gave out in that way.

I am saying something very important that has already been explained to you so many times, and perhaps you know it already; but this is the question here: that we should not ignore the kernel by sticking to the outer covering of the walnut. Make the best use of the outer form. You are not to hate anyone, especially those in the school of thought where you have been. You have got something higher in that very school, which even the ministers generally do not know. Surely, I'm not exaggerating. I've come in contact with the ministers of all religions: the majority of them are ignorant of these higher things, and that is why they never mention them. For that reason, you can tell them, "Here is something more that is in our own scriptures." In that case, they will also come around. They should not change their religion or outer forms - not in the least. But they may take a further step in their own religion, as given in their own scriptures.

So have love for all: for all those who are going on the higher Way; and for others: for God is also in them. When you've found a candle of light, "do not put it under a bushel, but place it where it can attract the attention of others seekers." You are in some church; I am in some church. If my brothers in the church are ignorant, I must say, "Here it is in our own scriptures." So you have to love: there should be no hatred for anyone. But don't ignore the diamond work and replace it by the copper or the iron or the silver. This is what I mean to say. I think that point is clear to you?

QUESTION: Yes. We can visit there, and then they'll say, "Where have you been?" Then we say, "I have found something better." If they're hungry, they will come.

THE MASTER: Tell them "Here it is, in our own scriptures." I tell you honestly, even the bishops do not know what is what. It is so in the majority of all religions; I'm not speaking only of the Christian but of other religions, too. Now men of other religions direct people to me: "For the inner, go him." They are supposed to be knowing God. If they know God, they must give it out. They simply tell you "Go on with the first step; that will do. That is wrong, I tell you honestly. You have only a preliminary form and you go on believing that it will lead you to God after death. Well, "a bird in hand is better than two in the bush."

Have love for them. If you don't love them, how will they listen to you? By love you can make anyone understand. With hatred, no one will come near you. You will be defaming the work of your own movement - not movement, but revival, I would say, of the old truth that we have forgotten. I think this point is very clear?

As regards the reading of scriptures: in what I have written, to the best I know how, I have given a digest of the cream of the inner way up, as given in all scriptures - theoretically, by a parallel study of religions, and practically. So the cream is with you. You may read it first. I've given references to other scriptures, too; and you can quote them: "Here such and such also says that." What I have written is the basic principle that guides you directly. And then you can quote from other sources: "Lord Krishna says so; Christ says so; Buddha says so." But don't make those the basis, because they also form part of other things, too, such as their own religious rituals. On account of ignorance, they sometimes lay too much importance on the preparatory step and do not mention the inner one. So, what you have been given is the digest of the cream; and that is why it is given preference.

As regards "The Path of the Masters": let there be no misunderstanding about it. Dr. Johnson was a missionary. He first went to India to find somebody and could not and went to preach. He came back. The second time he went, he had the good fortune to meet our Master (Baba Sawan Singh Ji). He sat at His feet and learned something for six or seven years. I was there, too. He wrote this "Path" in the manuscript form. His spirit was the same - as a missionary: "Muslims don't know anything; Sikhs don't know anything; Hindus are wrong; such and such men are wrong." This is a very drastic way of putting it. He had made three copies of the manuscript. One was given to me; one was given to Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh; the third was given to Professor Jag Mohan Lal. Professor Jag Mohan Lal never returned the manuscript. Sardar Bahadur returned it with too many strictures, and Dr. Johnson would not listen to him. (If you say to any man, "You are blind," he won't listen. But if you simply ask him, "Well, dear friend, when did you lose your eyesight?" perhaps he will listen to you.) Now the whole thing devolved on my shoulders. I told my Master, "He has written it in a missionary way." Missionaries, you know, say, "That is wrong; ours is the only way, and all others are wrong."He said, "You may point it out to him." "All right." I went to him. I told him, "Well, look here, dear Dr. Johnson, you've done a splendid work in bringing out this manuscript; but it appears that here and there, you were not in the full know of things. That is why you have not been able to do full justice to the work." "I would like to know." Then I gave him quotations from the Hindu, Mohammedan, and all other literature. He revised it on those lines. There are some flaws there, but many things were set right. The manuscript never came to me after revision. But he revised the portion on Eastern religions, so that they are, I think, quite palatable. About the portion on Christianity, I told him, "Dr. Johnson, you must polish it down. It is put in a very drastic way." What did he say? He said, "My brothers in the West won't wake up unless I say it that way." That missionary spirit was there. So, he did not revise it. I have found that the Christians do not relish that part. It is given in a very drastic way. Now they have revised it; a further revised copy has been issued.

So this is the true state of affairs. Now it is up to you to do what you like. Have something that you've got very directly; then you may refer to others and utilize them.

So, other parts of Dr. Johnson's manuscript were rewritten but people still don't like the Christianity part. I saw one man who was going to be initiated and who read that, throw away the book and say, "I don't want to be initiated." Was it the fault of the initiation or the Science? So you may read other books, if they are on the point. In what I have written you have something cut-and-dried as a basis. You may refer to others; there's no harm.

Yes? What do you want to say?

QUESTION: I was going to say in regard to our diet, Master. Would You kindly explain, where do we stand on serums and shots and all that sort of thing?


QUESTION: From injections, hormones.

THE MASTER: Look here, there are ways of treatment. If there is something directly in it that is not permissible, avoid it, that's all. What can be done? Life cannot be prolonged by any man, by any doctor: it is already fixed. But you can help it in the other way.

Moreover, you'll find that's a very minimal quantity. Because its remedies are prepared in alcohol, you might say, in that case, that all of homeopathy should be avoided. The question is about the intoxication that it gives. That's very minimal; one drop; it cannot give you intoxication. But as a treatment, it does much good. So don't take it for the purpose of relishing it or anything like that. An injection is also based on the principle of homeopathy: a little thing flares up all the blood.

Avoid as much as you possibly can by having recourse to other things. If there is no other alternative, that's another thing. Yes?

QUESTION: Master, I know this really shouldn't happen to people who are seriously dedicated to You; but I would like You to explain how best to deal with, and avert, personality clashes which periodically occur. I think most of us realize that if we follow the directives, we're not going to fight one another; but I would like a little elaboration on that, because it does occur.

THE MASTER: All right. You know that I always enjoin one and all - including group leaders - to keep diaries for self introspection. If we live up to that, there can be no conflict. The first thing is, don't think evil of others: nonviolence. By your harsh words, you harm others. That is the main cause of the creation of hatred. I was just describing how you can say to a blind person, "Oh, blind man," or you can ask him, "Well, dear friend, when did you lose your sight?" There is a difference between the two. Is it not so? One is harming; the other is not. Similarly, if you find anything wrong in someone, tell him about it privately: "Dear friend, this does not appear to be right." Don't broadcast it; don't make parties. Don't go by the ears and the eyes of others. What do we do? First we do something; and those who are attached to us form a party, and they carry tales to others. Just as diseases arise by infection, that infection goes around, and there are parties.

Don't think evil; don't hear evil of others; don't see evil of others; don't speak evil of others. Then naturally, if there's anything wrong in others, point it out in a friendly way.

I think this is the main cause of conflict. We simply say, "We are in authority"; we say, "I will turn you out." Well, who are you to turn anybody out? This is the satsang of the Master. All are attending for the sake of the Master. If anybody says this, he is not following the instructions of the Master. Those who have been placed in charge as group leaders are given the children for their custody and help. Do you see? Also, love one another. If you love one another, errors may creep up; but love knows forgiveness and forgetfulness. I think if you follow this very principle, there can be nothing conflicting. Our words should be kind. Kind words don't cost anything, but kind words must be imbued with humility. Sometimes, in our own zealousness, we say, "I can do, or undo, these things." These are the things that create all the trouble. Show appreciation for another's efforts - for whatever effort he has made, great or little. If you show appreciation, the other man will be encouraged to help you. He may have flaws. Those flaws may be pointed out separately, privately - not broadcasted because that will make parties.

That is the cause of all the friction that has arisen for the sake of the Master. The group leaders in charge should treat you like mothers, I would say. They are not Masters, but they have been selected to help you. They may also have some flaws. But the way is not to go away. You can request to see them privately and tell them, "This appears not to be right." I hope they will listen to it.

What is done cannot be undone. That is your own mistake. That has nothing to do with the teachings of the Masters. It is only because you don't follow them that.there is all this friction. If you follow them, you will love Master and all those who go to Him and love Him. Love knows service and sacrifice. If anything happens, love will beautify it, for love beautifies everything. Love knows forgiveness and forgetfulness. Is it not so? So, if you follow even this principle, there can be no conflict such as that.

Yes, you were saying something?

QUESTION: Yes, Master. I would like to pay tribute to (a group leader).

THE MASTER: Yes, yes.

QUESTION: And the reason why is because I was, even myself, very guilty at the beginning, and even sometimes afterward, of misunderstanding her.

THE MASTER: Yes; that is, if you sit together, any misunderstanding -

QUESTION: Then eventually, I got light. Many things were said, you know, but _____ did not mean it the way it was taken.

THE MASTER: Yes, that's true.

QUESTION: Because I have seen no other representative that has more love for the Master Power than ______. Because, as I said, I was guilty of that myself. This is the way I feel. And she has been doing a wonderful job.

THE MASTER: I know, I know.

QUESTION: And it's through misunderstanding that we see things. But it's through her great love for the Master Power, that at times she does get overzealous, and it's misunderstood. And at no time did she say that you couldn't go to any other religion.

THE MASTER: But that is what I told you. Didn't I explain it further?

QUESTION: Yes, but I would like to get this clear. But she did say that if any of you have problems, go to the Master.

THE MASTER: That's right.

QUESTION: She did say this. And I myself think that she is wonderful.


QUESTION: As You said, we are all co-workers in the Divine Plan.


QUESTION: And where there is no understanding there is no love, and where there is love there is understanding. Thank you.

THE MASTER: As I told you, if you find anything wrong, go to the person privately and clarify it. Don't broadcast it. That makes parties; that is wrong. Don't hear through the ears of others; don't see through the eyes of others. Group leaders are there to help. They have great responsibility. All the same, they are helping you. They make arrangements; they sacrifice their time, sometimes their money and also their labor. They don't want anything in return. But, with it all, I tell you, they clearly give you to understand that Master is Master; they are not Masters. Don't mistake that. This they must clarify, if there is any question of it. If God has given someone eyes to see that the God-in-the-Master is everything, her eyes or his eyes have been opened. He sees that way; then he says, "Why don't you see like that?" As I explained to you, everything has its value. Some things are of higher value, some of lower. The fact remains that it is like that.

So I would appreciate it if all of you who are group leaders - and others - would think that way. For what do you sacrifice your time and labor? For the higher purpose of knowing God. Suppose there is resentment between the two. He leaves the place and goes away. Then? This is not the fault of the Science; it is because we are all not perfect as yet; we are on the Way. Some have progressed more, and others, less; but we make an allowance for that.

Don't forget to attend your group meetings, mind that. If you leave that off, then you'll be led away. There this lesson is revived, mind that. Go to your churches; I don't mind. I will tell you one thing more: if you find Truth anywhere else, tell me; I will also follow you. That's all. Yes, please?

QUESTION: Master, something very unusual happened to me last night at one o'clock while I was sleeping. I woke up and heard Your voice calling my name very, very strong.

THE MASTER: Yes. That's right.

QUESTION: Is that bad or good? I never heard anything like it in my life before, except knocking on doors or things like that; but Your voice was so clear, calling, that the whole room was like thunder.

THE MASTER: I tell you now. As I explained many times, the son of man is not the Master. The son of man is the human pole at which God as the Master works. And it is that God Power that goes around and awakens all those who are initiated. He even appears to those who have some background, although they do not know who is who. Do you see? This is God Power. When a man is initiated, that Master Power or God Power resides with him - call it Christ Power or Guru Power - and is ever guiding him to bring him up. If you turn your face to Him, He will be guiding you and speaking to you, by manifesting Himself and in other ways. If He does so once, twice, or four times, and you don't care, you lose your chance. But still He's there: whenever you turn your face to Him, He's there.

QUESTION: But Master, Your voice was very clear; and after that, since I couldn't sleep all night, I had very funny and different things in the room.

THE MASTER: Then the best thing to do was to sit in meditation, that's all. Sometimes it happens that those who have not seen the outer form of the Master and have never heard about Him have had the manifestation of that form years before meeting Him. And they are wondering what it is. They say when they meet me, "Oh, I saw you three years ago." It is God Power that appears. We are all in the make. That's all. Yes, please?

QUESTION: Master, when I go back now, I'll have certain questions to answer. Would You say that man was spiritually dead originally, and this whole thing is a return to becoming spiritually alive? And that after, according to the Christian scriptures, it shows that the covenant God people went up - they were led but this deadness was there - the spiritual deadness -- and now the great secret is, the mist is taken out of the mystery. It's no more in a form; it's being given the grace; it is a universal thing and therefore it is now acceptable, as the sun shines on every flower. So any form, anything, would that be the approach that You mean?

THE MASTER: I tell you. In the scriptures we sometimes find the words "the soul is dead." We find it in the Christian literature and in others, too. What do they mean? Guru Nanak said, "Only he is alive, O Nanak, who is conscious; who has become conscious of the Divine Plan; who knows, who sees, God. All others are dead." Do you follow me? Those whose attention is identified with all of the outside things, their attention is considered to be as dead; but it is really not dead. Do you see? This is what is meant by this in all scriptures. The soul is never dead; but when its whole attention is absorbed in outer things, in material things, it is defined as dead. It is already there; but it awakens if you withdraw it from the outside, that's all.

Anything else? Yes, please?

QUESTION: Are we to attempt to record the number of thought failures that we have in our diaries - the actual numbers for each one?

THE MASTER: Yes. Just as I explained it to you. What can you put in the columns? You can give the number of failures only. Just the number of failures will guide you. If you are falling down in that respect, try to weed it out the following day, that's all.

QUESTION: We know that we can still build karma if we're not very careful in this life. And there are many things that we still don't have clear in our minds. Among them is the question regarding animals.

We all love animals dearly; but there are those among us, throughout the country or the world, for that matter, who sometimes feel such compassion and sympathy for animals that have been neglected, that they take it upon themselves to try to feed and house these little creatures. Consequently, there are those who, in some cases, have many creatures that they house and feed. Then there is a complaint, perhaps in the neighborhood, regarding the party that takes on these little creatures. Now the question is, when a person takes these animals for love and care, or perhaps finds another home for them - when they have these many creatures - are they, by chance, taking on a karma that is the animals' karma? Are they taking that karma on themselves?

THE MASTER: Look here. Scriptures are very clear about it. We simply ruminate over them. Soul is in everybody; it is in animals, too. Love them for the God in them, for the soul in them, not as body. If you love man, why not love creatures - I mean, animals? If you love even serpents, they won't harm you. They have the soul in them. The pity it is that we love animals, but do not love our fellow brothers. Do you see?

There is no harm; you may join a movement to help animals; you may have pity on the animal kingdom. After all, they have no court to go to to complain about the atrocities that are extended to them by man. That's all right. But should you, for that reason, hate all other men? Love all, but for the life, for the soul and God in them. If you do it for that sake, then naturally, "As you think, so you become." If you forget God, then wherever you are attached, you will go; is it not so? So love all, please: love God, love man, love animals, love birds. Experience shows that if you love snakes, even they won't harm you; they will come to sit by you. This happened so many times in the life histories of many Masters. It happened in my case, too. During a satsang in Delhi, a cobra came up and stood on his tail in the presence of about two thousand people. They cried, "A cobra is here!" "Oh, never mind," I said. He was looking at me throughout the one hour or so the talk lasted. When the talk was over, he sneaked away. And the people said, "Let us kill him." "But why?" I said. Do you see? They also have sense; they have got souls. So, love everybody. No one will harm you; even snakes won't harm you. Loving animals is good; love even snakes; love your enemies: love the God in them, for the soul in them - for that reason. Then there's no binding effect. If you love them for their own sake, you are bound.

Yes, you were saying something?

QUESTION: I have a policy of my own: I see many people today take animals into their homes and take them to bed with them.

THE MASTER: This is what I'm telling you. For the God and the soul in them, do what you can. But to love them more than men?

QUESTION: No. That's it. So, in other words, then, I'm doing the right thing when I don't want them in my bedroom or in my house, even.

THE MASTER: No, no, you see; give them facilities, that's all; bring them up.

QUESTION: Take care of them.

THE MASTER: This is what I say: we go too far. I tell you, there's a story in the Koran, the Mohammedan scriptures. There was a lover of God who always devoted all his time to his prayers. There was a bird in a tree close by, and the bird's voice was very sweet. What did the man do? He left his place and sat under the tree where he heard that voice. He would say his prayers, but his whole love was for the bird. And God told him, "Look here, you have loved the bird more than Me. I am leaving you."

Love all for the sake of God. Love one another for the sake of God in man. Then there's no harm. If anything goes wrong, go straight to the person privately. Meet him and clarify it before going to bed, because the next day something else about it might creep up. Forgive and forget, and go with a clean heart into the lap of God; that's the best thing. When we forget these things, trouble arises.

QUESTION: In other words, you love them in their place?

THE MASTER: Yes, surely.

COMMENT: Certain people attach too much importance to animals and forget their meditation. They don't know how to take care of people in the world.

THE MASTER: Oh, love them; as I told you, love the God and soul in them. But it is the highest duty to love God. Now, I told you that that bhakta spent all his life in prayer; but he became attached to the sweet voice of the bird and left his place and lived there. And God said, "Well, you have more love for that bird - not for Me." If you love him for His sake, then you are saved; otherwise, you are bound, that's all.

QUESTION: Master, a little further on that question. Now, if we love these animals for the love of God that is within them, too, since they are living souls also, is it possible for us in any way, in this great love that we have for those animals, to help them to go through their lives a little faster and perhaps go through their evolution?

THE MASTER: Look here, I tell you, your intellect is going too far into the thing now. I have told you, love all. Do your best for their love; bring them up; but don't forget your connection with God. In their service, if for the sake of the bird's voice, you leave God, that is not a wise thing to do. Mind your own business first. Charity begins at home. Develop love in yourself. Don't be wanting there. Then extend your love to everybody.

QUESTION: Yes, but Master, today they are taking animals and experimenting upon them, giving them cancer and all kinds of diseases. Has man got a right to do that?

THE MASTER: What do you mean by that? Well, help them. That's all you can do, to the best you know how.

QUESTION: Yes, but You know what the experimental laboratories are doing.

THE MASTER: That is done, you see, for the sake of saving man's life. That is higher life. A sin is done. A sin is done even by eating, by breathing. If doctors are not trained by giving animals those things, how can you be saved? For a higher thing you have to do it. But you cannot be absolved from the sin unless you become a conscious co-worker of the Divine Plan.

(There is a comment that the time is short, food is ready and the people are hungry.)

THE MASTER: No, before hunger, I have to tell them something very definite: Never mind. Perhaps I may meet you again physically or not; but now I will give you a few parting words. First of all, I wish that you would develop, from day to day, what you have got by the Grace of God. That would please me most and please the God in me and the God overhead. Don't miss that. Leave all things and attend to God, every day, first. Be devoted; surrender to God in all your actions.

For that, two things are very important - I would say, three. First, love. God is Love and we are love personified, and the way back to God is love. Whatever goes to develop your love for God, do it. Whatever goes to develop love for your own self, at the cost of the love for God, then leave it. Do you see? Love knows service and sacrifice. Love beautifies everything. Love knows no burdens. Love knows giving, not taking. I'm saying these words to all, whether they are initiates, group leaders in charge, or representatives. They are there to give, not to take anything. What do you give? What you know. Physically, also, do what you can to serve others; also give financially to the best you can; and all should share. First stand on your own legs by honest means. Then maintain your families and try to help others who are needy, hungry and naked; and do it for the Cause of God. Share something: there is no taxation, no imposition - it may be one cent.

This is one thing: love for all. If you have love for all, why is there not love between the brothers? You have been connected in a relationship which can never break, even after death: because you are all on the Way, the same Way - in direct contact with God. This is the first thing. When you know love, you cannot hate anybody. You will never think evil of others, never speak evil of others. You will never suffer to hear evil of others; you will never see evil in others. Love knows all these things. For want of this, there is all this trouble. You come to the satsang for the sake of Master, not for the sake of A, B, C or D. All are there for the sake of God's work. Do you see? Stand on your own legs. Don't try to make further karmas by grabbing, by receiving, by exacting from others. Those who are needy have their rights: give them. Those who are naked, help them. Where there is a good cause, give to it. This is the first thing for love.

Then comes sinlessness: purity of thought, chastity. This is what is mostly needed. A married life has been defined in the scriptures; try to come up to that standard. When you are married to one, remain married to one, not everybody. I am sorry to say these words, because I find this almost everywhere. Women and gold [sex and wealth]: these two things are the greatest impediments on our way. Stick to what the scriptures say. Live on your earnings; don't depend on others. Help in the Cause; share with others who are needy; and have chaste lives.

And have kind words. If there is love, there are kind words - there is no harshness. If anything crops up, reconcile it before you go to sleep. Rest assured, this is what Masters have always enjoined. If any two brothers have not agreed, and there is still something wrong before they go to bed, they should not go to bed unless they have been reconciled. That is why the Bible says, "If you do not love your brothers whom you see, how can you love God Whom you do not see?" Christ said, "I give you a new commandment, That you love one another."

Try to promote this Cause of God: this is no man's work; this is God's work. You know you are convinced of the truth of it: perhaps you have had just a little experience of it, but it goes on further. That is the basic principle of all religions. Help, if you can, for the Cause of God. Help others, the needy, the hungry, the naked. That you can do only if you simplify your lives, mind that. If you have too much to do and you cannot stand on your own legs, how can you help others? That is why I said in one of my circulars, "Simplify, simplify, and simplify." Share with others. So long as you have this body, always give. Don't be like that - taking. Give. Such a man will command respect from everyone: a man who is chaste, who is not greedy, who has love for all, who has kind words imbued with humility. I think this is all I want of you. Adhere to this very thing, because man's life is meant for knowing God.

Help will come to you unasked for. If the child is asleep, the mother has to take care of him. If any snake comes, the mother will kill herself rather than allow the snake to go near the child. So, that God Power, or the Christ Power, is with you upon initiation. That is the Guru Power or the Master Power. That will look after you. A child has full faith in his mother. Even if a lion comes, the child will run to the mother. That lion may eat up the mother, too; but the child has full faith in her. So if you have full faith, you can move mountains. Faith is the root cause of all religion.

And practically, you have seen: you have got something that is referred to in the scriptures. Develop it from day to day. I wish each one of you to be ambassadors of Truth. The harvest is much; laborers are wanted. But the laborers should be ideal ones. Try to be ideal. Everyone should be ideal. "An example is better than precept." Saying things and not living up to them sets a bad example for others. Others won't be guided; they won't accept you. They will think, "Oh, he is doing everything. Women and gold affect him as much as they do me. Then why should I respect him?"

Not everyone can command respect. These are only two ways in which you can command respect from everybody, even from those whom you do not know: because your words will be charged with that life. In some cases, simple words you say affect others; and in other cases, you may give long yarns, and they do not affect anybody. What is the reason why? The life is not behind it. So be practical. If we try to reform ourselves, all the world over will be reformed. We reform others and don't reform ourselves: that's the reason why there is all this trouble. And this is all, I think, I can tell you. And my best wishes will be with you - the God in me, and my Master's Grace. You have, each one of you, been put on the Way. Develop it. That's all I wish.

MR. KHANNA: And here I would like to express my gratitude to the Great Master.

THE MASTER: There is no need of an expression of love. It is my duty - the God in me. Thank you for that. But I will be thankful to you, grateful to you, if each one of you will live up to what I've told you. I'll be thankful. That's all I can say.

MR. KHANNA: I'm also grateful to all the devotees here. They have been very kind and have shown that the group will flourish here. But I don't agree with the Master on one point.

THE MASTER: Because you're greater than Master. (laughter) Well, don't give a misunderstanding, please.

MR. KHANNA: Because Master said that it might be His last coming.

THE MASTER: I have told you the correct thing. It is all up to God; don't overrule it.

MR. KHANNA: Yes, Sir.

THE MASTER: Yes, that's all. Sometimes in our zealousness, we say so many things. Well, it is in the hands of God: no promise, please.

MR. KHANNA: Master will have much pity on us and will pay us more visits, because we need the Master very much more in America than in India.

THE MASTER: I have come only under the guidance of God. If He wills it, I will come a hundred times. This is His work that He will carry on. Of course, your wishes are appreciable; I quite appreciate them. But it is all in the hands of God. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, or during the day or night?

MR. KHANNA: Master is still young, and He can pay us visits enough.

THE MASTER: Well, the soul is always young. There is no question of that. The question is about God - about His Grace. If He wants it, I will come. If your wishes are there, God may agree.

MR. KHANNA: He will be paying us a visit soon. So we will all unite together and help His cause, financially, physically, morally and in every way; and that will bring great peace all over the world.

THE MASTER: My greatest pleasure will go to you who live up to what you are told to do, that's all: poor and rich alike, higher and lower, group leaders, initiates, and everybody. We are all equal; we are all brothers and sisters in God. It is the Grace of God that helps you. That will also continue helping you, unasked for, without any compensation.

MR. KHANNA: ______ wants to say something.

THE MASTER: Yes, please. What have you to say now, like a madman?

GROUP LEADER: Thank you, Master, for calling me mad, because I'm madly in love with You.. And the only way I can express myself is crazy, as I always do. And I want to thank You for glorifying our souls and diffusing Your tremendous Light into all of these vessels. And that we should constantly see, by Your Grace and by Your Power, that Your work should be glorified through us: because You said that all creation comes to glorify the works of God, and that we should all come with a sweet and tender heart to each.

THE MASTER: And God will appreciate all that. He wishes that His Name should be glorified.

It is God's Grace. He gives as one is deserving. He can contain that much: and that is for all, not for one. But He is waiting for anyone who will turn his face up to Him, that's all. The Father wishes every one of his children to stand on his own legs - to be more than himself.

MR. KHANNA: We are celebrating Master's birth anniversary on January 25, 1964, in Washington. (This particular time was arranged so it could be celebrated in the West before Master returned to India.)

THE MASTER: The question of South America is decided? That's the point.

MR. KHANNA: But still, we have to the 25th; so that leaves us -

THE MASTER: No, no, I tell you; if that is on, then it's all right on the 25th. If that is eliminated, then the date will be earlier. That should be decided on. You can inform me later on.

Look here, I tell you - about the birthday question: I think initiates should celebrate the pleasure of meeting Somebody in Whom the God is manifested, every morning, with every breath. This is only historically that you will gather together to revive that lesson. The true celebration of the birthday is when you live up to what He says, that's all. These generally become ceremonies. I think the greatest celebration of the birth lies in the fact that it is by my Master`s Grace I was able to communicate these things to you. So, in the celebration of the day of birth, everything comes in. But celebrate it every day: remember Him, that's all. Live up to it: that is, I think, the highest form of celebration of any Master's birthday. And that is all I want.

MR. KHANNA: So we have fixed it on January 25th. In case of change we shall let you know.


MR. KHANNA: That will be the first time in history that a living Master's birthday will be celebrated in America. So all those who would like to come are welcome..

THE MASTER: And bring all your friends, if you have any. (laughter) (This is a joking imitation of the phrase used repeatedly throughout Master's tour by Mr. Khanna when he extended invitations. The reference was easily understood by the people gathered there, and was the reason why they were laughing. This explains what Master says next.) He has good wishes, you see. He even has good wishes for your friends.

COMMENT: If you have any.

THE MASTER: That's all right. For the true friend, a man has good wishes, is it not so? Yes? Mr. Perrin, do you have anything to say? We are grateful to you.

ANOTHER GROUP LEADER: No, I was going to say what ______ said. I'm so grateful to _______ because it does take a big man to get up and say what he did.

THE MASTER: Love knows no outer things. Heart speaks better to heart. I have regard - love - for both Mr. Perrin and his wife and for all others who are doing their best, selflessly, without letting anyone know. What did Christ say? "If your right hand does something, let the left hand not know of it." And Mr. Perrin is one of that kind. He does his service, I know, late at night; at one or two, he is washing the vessels of all of you. He does not say so to anybody. I have appreciation for all that. I have love for all.

All right. Now give them food.

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