Satsang Talks in Hindi


Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj


New set of 22 CDs

190 Satsangs & 52 Bhajans available from Chandigarh based tapes
and from Harcharan Singh’s collected cassette tapes


Most of these Satsang talks were recorded in India, from the early 1950ies until summer 1974. 182 talks were given by the Master in Hindi, and 8 talks in Punjabi.

The recordings originate from reel-to-reel tapes based in Chandigarh and from cassette tapes collected by late Harcharan Singh of Delhi, India. They are played in numerous Satsangs regularly held in Delhi and many other places in India since 35 years, in loving remembrance of Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj.

Recently, the talks found on these CDs were digitally remastered and compressed to 128 kbit/s mp3-files, without any loss in quality. Also included in the present CD collection are 52 Bhajans sung by Pratap Singh, the Master’s pathi or chanter.

Satsangs and Bhajans are also available from the website of Ruhani Satsang USA, at, as 12 kbit/s mp3-files, for free download.

All 190 Hindi Satsangs and 52 Bhajans come on 22 labeled CDs in a labeled hard case. Price is 35 Euros, or equivalent currency (46 US$), plus postage (8 Euros / 10 US$), and only covers the production costs.






In case you would like to receive the new CD-set, but feel that the price indicated below may be too high, please let us know.





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