Master's last Satsang- August 15, 1974

        TODAY is the day of independence for the country. This  independence was gained after one hundred years, you see. That's  all right; people are trying to maintain the independence - some are for, some are against. But we are not very much concerned with these things. We are mainly concerned with our own independence. It is only after a hundred years that we have got outer independence; and we - after aeons of years, ever since the world began, we are still exiled from our home, turned out of the country,  you see. We have not been out of bondage yet. The golden  opportunity has been afforded to us from time to time to regain that independence but unfortunately, for one reason or the other, we did not derive the full benefit of our man bodies. Let the past bury its dead: again God has given you a golden opportunity of the man body so that you may regain your independence. Now we have to see how far we have gained our independence.

     So I was just saying that this bondage started aeons back when we were sent to the world. The first bondage was of the mind. We are subservient to mind. Mind is under the control of the outgoing faculties: sight, audition, taste, smell and touch. Through these indriyas we are just stuck fast in the nine doors of the man body; we cannot disentangle ourselves. We are identified with the body and the world outside so much so that we cannot extricate ourselves. There's one way up, fortunately! And that is within us. Nine doors are open: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one  mouth, and two underneath - nine doors. There is one tenth door. That is within you, latent within you, and starts when you go deep down into the darkness of your body: when you enter the foxhole of your brain, you see. Where does that start? Just as at the time of death our soul is withdrawn from outside, then the outgoing faculties, nine doors, are withdrawn, extricated. These physical outgoing faculties leave us. They come to the back of the eyes and there the way to the foxhole of the brain, or the tenth door, starts. That's the door at which you are to knock and which will open to you. On the other side, of course, is where Master Power is waiting for you. What for? To sup with you. And you are outside!

     In back of the eyes is where it starts. It is all pitch dark. That is the way into the foxhole of the brain. That is the only way in which you can have your independence from first the physical body and physical outgoing faculties, then the astral body and astral outgoing faculties, and then the causal body and the causal outgoing faculties. So these are the three layers by which we are bound. If you could rise above all these three, you would have your independence. For that, we have to rise above the nine doors of the body. That way is within you. You are man, born as man with the same privileges from God. No high; no low; no east; no west. You are conscious entities environed by mind and matter and outgoing faculties, identified with matter so much so that you cannot differentiate your Self. If you press here [on the arm], you feel it. So you have to withdraw your attention from the body, from the outgoing faculties, the nine doors. How? When you look inside, just look within you into the middle of the darkness lying in front of you. There, when these physical eyes are closed, the inner or single or third eye is open to see the  Light within. You can see within. The dense darkness of the body is shaken off. If you cease to hear from all outside, you begin  to hear inside - within you. That minstrel, our blessed God, is playing music all the time. Unpaid for. No money required. He is always waiting for you, to make you hear that music which is going on within you. If you don't smell anything outside, that  smell within you will have a fragrance that's jasmine-like. That you will have only when you rise above physical body, not before. When you withdraw from the tongue outside, just try to taste within you the elixir of Naam within you, the bread and water of life. When you come in contact with the ringing radiance within you (that touch which is God within you), you'll be absolved of physical bondage. But this is not complete independence; it is the first part of independence. The second part will start when you rise above the astral body and the astral outgoing faculties. Then, the third part, when you again rise above the causal body.  Rise above them; then you will really get your independence. Now you're all under bondage.

     The only difficulty is that which lies within you. First the light is dark - pitch dark. When you close these physical eyes they don't work. That is because the inner eye has to be opened. That single eye will be opened by someone whose inner eye is open. How? Direct your attention to the darkness within you, into the middle thereof. Look intently, minutely, penetratingly, to find what is in there. Light will sprout forth; your eye is  opened: If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. That's the first part of it. The second part is His presence; and in the third part after that you have got complete independence. So today is the day of independence for the country, too, but for us it was a day of independence in the man body.

     So that is the help given by God above. He resides in every heart. He is manifest here, there: suchlike souls are sent down to guide the child humanity back to God. That is God's grace. He gives us complete independence. Unfortunately, you have been given the first step but you have not succeeded. Have you succeeded? Do outgoing faculties affect you now? Yes or no? Withdraw from outside; then it's all right. Now outside things can attract you. It is only when your attention is completely withdrawn from all outside and you forget yourself that outer things won't attract you. Dead body up to here [the eye focus] - all outgoing faculties up to here, eyes, ears, etc. So long as he is in this dazed area he is always dragged outside. There is one way: the tenth door within you. There somebody is required who can give you a boost. By regular practice you become adept. The demonstration of this is given by Master; then you simply rise above at your will and pleasure. Your eyes may be open, but you won't see. You may be so completely absorbed that even though  somebody is calling, you won't hear. When you have got that sort of independence at your will and pleasure, you are called a Gurumukh. This is the first step of independence you will have.

     We have not yet got full independence, mind that. It is you who have to get this independence: not your body, not your outgoing faculties. So that is why Masters said, "Man! Know thyself." You have to get independence. And further guidance is given by Master within you. He guides outside; He also guides inside. You are never alone. When He initiates you into this Mystery, He resides with you once and for all - never leaves you until the end of the world. No power of any might can take you away from His hands.  And further still, that was predestined from birth. You have completely earned this from the fortunes of the past. When you have withdrawn completely, then you can also advance within you,  direct, under the guidance of the Master within you. But you cannot, unless you withdraw first. You must have that first.

     So Para Vidya is the way to complete independence.... I am the minister of my whole body. How many servants have you got? Ten servants to obey you. They don't go by my orders; now we are dragged by these servants. Decide at the feet of the Master: Independence. Withdraw your attention from outside, then your  inner eye opens, your inner ear opens. Now only outgoing faculties are opened.

     How many here have been put on the way? Have any of you even crossed one class - one of the treasures of independence? No. Be jolly; enjoy. When? When you have got at least one part of the independence; then the second; then the third. When you have complete independence, the whole world will dance with you, you see. Learn to die so that you may begin to live. This is what is meant by "twice born." You must be reborn in the Name of God Who is within you. This demonstration of being reborn is given by some competent person. Take Christ's cross daily, you see. Christ said, "Those who do not take cross daily are not my disciples." How far have you gained?

     Today is the 15th of August. Independence Day celebration was held in the town. You must have seen the vast crowd on TV at the talk that was given. This is the Satsang. Here I bypass the celebration and tell you where your true independence lies. At least gain the first part of it; then claim your independence. How many are there who have traversed the second part of independence? Hands up, please. There are very few. Where there  is a will, there is a way.

     Have the complete independence. To start with, we must have the first part of independence. And that is rising above body consciousness (physical). We should try our utmost to regain this  spiritual way while in this earthly body. This is the golden opportunity. Time and tide wait for no man. Those who want to have the complete independence let them put their hands up. - There is nobody who does not want it. [Chuckles] Then by procrastinating, time will be wasted. Vedas say so. Procrastination is putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. This stands in the way. This is the main stumbling block on the way. Start your journey from the house, go outside, reach the goal. Die on the way - not at your door! - or, at the Door of where you have to reach.

     If you have the first part of independence, people run up to you. If you gain the third part of independence, the whole world will be after you, you see. Does this appeal to you? What's delaying you? So shake off your habit of procrastination. This morning you had to wait, I'm sorry; but thank God, it is within you. The way was explained to you at this moment. So try to understand it and reach this independence, which is awaiting you in the man body.

     All right - God bless you all.

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