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"Clips from Sun Seed"

A large number of short clips taken from the film "Sun Seed". This material was professionally recorded in the early 1970s (possibly after a World Fellowship of Religions Conference) during the construction of the Manav Kendra at Dehra Dun. Most of the material has synchronized audio although there are a few film clips with no accompanying sound track, a few audio tracks with no images, and short periods of film leader, etc. Converted from a VHS recording, only a main menu and some chapter marks have been added. Approximately 17 1/2 minutes. The DVD is available in an unlabeled "jewel" type case. (V-CSS-DVDJC).

EUR 3,50 / US $ 4.00


A two VideoCD* set with short clips from a very large selection of films. Sound track includes talks by Kirpal Singh, music and bhajans. VideoCDs are NOT DVDs, however most DVD players do play them (check your player's instruction manual).  2 labeled CDs, available either in paper envelopes mailed in a cardboard sleeve or in jewel cases and an appropriate mailer. A gift from the German Sangat.
(* A video CD is more like a VHS tape than a DVD ... it doesn't have menus and other DVD enhancements and plays from begin to end like a video tape.)

EUR 4,50 / US $ 6.00

"India - Early 1974”

This is not new material and it has appeared elsewhere in other forms. The collected short film clips were shot around the time period of the Unity of Man Conference (Feb. 1974) and include images from the conference, Sawan Ashram, Manav Kendra and a couple of other outings. The talk "Man! Know Thyself" was used for the audio track although the entire talk is not on the DVD which is approximately 30 minutes long.  Original film clips are courtesy of Lorinda Bloch. The DVD is available in an unlabeled "jewel" type case. (V-IE74-DVDJC)

EUR 4,00 / US $ 5.00

"Kirpal Singh in Europe"

Previously unavailable video of European stops on the 1963-64 and 1972-73 tours. The DVD "menu" is in German but for the most part is self-explanatory. This DVD is available in an unlabeled "jewel" type case. (DVDJC)

EUR 4,00 / US $ 5.00

Kirpal Singh in Europe DVD label small

"Loving Remembrance"

2 DVD set made from previously unavailable film taken in India. Most of the films are from 1969 through 1974 while the final film is from the 1950s. Total run time is 2 hours and 6 minutes. The source material for these DVDs is 8mm film ("home movies"). Satsangs of 1April63 and 22January55 in HINDI were added to provide a sound track. Packaged in unlabeled "jewel cases". (V-LR-DVDJC)

EUR 8,00 / US $ 10.00

LRDvd-1r PAL small

"The Message of Kirpal"

Film from the 1972 San Francisco Bay region tour stops ...  film quality varies quite a bit. Included are arrival at the San Francisco Airport, talks from the Unitarian Churches in Berkeley and San Francisco, talk at the Lovelace home and talk at Santa Clara University. The audio is not synchronized. The first sound track is a narration about Sant Kirpal Singh's Mission. The remainder of the audio is talks given by Kirpal Singh during this tour stop - November 16 Q & A session and post meditation talks at Santa Clara University and the November 13 evening talk given at the Unitarian Church in San Francisco. Available in an unlabeled "jewel case". (V-MOK-DVDJC)

EUR 4,00 / US $ 5.00

MOKdisc2 PAL small

“Sant Kirpal Singh in India

August and September 1971, approximately 25 minutes long, with audio/narration.

EUR 8,00 / US $ 10.00

DVD Label SKS in India small

"Time of Unity"

A 2 DVD set of material mostly from the time period of the Unity of Man Conference (Feb. 1974). Audio added ...  English with some German translation. (V-TOU-DVD)

EUR 4,50 / US $ 6.00

"Unity of Man Conference"

A "made in India" documentary of the February 1974 Unity of Man Conference. Narration is in Hindi. Converted from a VHS tape, a main menu and 12 "chapter" divisions have been added. Includes synchronized audio clips of Kirpal Singh, Mrs. Ghandi, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and others.  Approximately 50 minutes. Available in an unlabeled "jewel case". (V-UOM-DVDJC)

EUR 4,00 / US $ 5.00




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