The Light of Kirpal

Eighty-seven intimate question & answer sessions


Sant Kirpal Singh

and His disciples

1969 – 1971



Fourth printing 1996
ISBN 0-89142-033-9



to the Almighty God
working through all Masters who have come
and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj
at whose lotus feet
the writer imbibed sweet elixier of
Holy Naam – the Word






“Masters came from time to time to teach according to the need of the hour. Masters do say, ‘There is God.‘ They never say, ‘we speak‘; They say, ‘He speaks.‘ They only become a channel. They speak what comes, according to the need of the time, not what They want to speak. They speak books. They speak scriptures; scriptures came through Them, did they not?“

Sant Kirpal Singh
January 7, 1971

At no other time in the recorded history of a Saint have His disciples been so fortunate as to have had volumes of His exact words accurately transcribed. These talks are word-for-word transcriptions from taped talks given in English by Master Kirpal Singh and transcribed according to His instructions.

“Whatever is there in the tape, write out exactly. I'll see to it. Put it into manuscript form in the exact words and give it to me. All those tapes you have got, go through; they will make very wonderful books for you on all subjects. I know what I am saying, but put it into writing. So many other men who came here have had a hundred and one questions, very valuable things on all different subjects. So why do I give all of these talks to you; why don‘t I keep them reserved with me? Do you know why? 1 wish each one of you to become like me and even more than that. I wish you to progress even more than me. I wish you, each one of you to become ambassadors.“

Sant Kirpal Singh
February22, 1971

Master‘s poetical expression of the English language has been left intact as much as possible. He spoke the language of the Saints which is the universal language of Love. These talks are written down so accurately that (barring human error and editing, of course) if one wished to, he could actually follow the written words with the original tape recordings.

The Light of Kirpal encompasses three periods of recorded talks. Unforgettable moments thread through these talks, moments of unparalleled joy as those fortunate groups from the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and other places absorbed His radiation and listened to His words.

In September, 1970, Bob Redeen, a professional radio commentator was allowed, and even encouraged by Master to ask a ”hundred and one questions” at Sawan Ashram, Delhi, India [Talks 2-15]. The second period of talks was at Rajpur [October to December 1970], during the building of Manav Kendra (Man Center). In the third period of these talks [January to March, 1971], also given at Rajpur, Master gives in-depth replies on individual subjects sparked perhaps by one question. It was during this last period that many of the talks were being transcribed in India, with encouragement and suggestions being given by Master. During this period, we in the United States were also privileged, having been allowed to participate in the gathering together and transcribing of the previously recorded talks. Master was supervising this project Himself and we were given strict instructions from Him as to how to proceed; but the completed manuscript in book form was not ready for Him to go through before He left His physical body. He did, however, go through a few talks Himself before their printing in Sat Sandesh.

I was a witness once when Master did read one such transcribed talk, enter a few changes therein, and approve it for printing in Sat Sandesh. It was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 1972. Master was sitting on a lounge just radiating; literally aglow with Love. I handed Him the manuscript of ”God Has Entered My House” and asked if this beautiful talk could be checked for printing in Sat Sandesh. He chuckled and said, ”It is all beautiful; God is beautiful.” He went through the talk during the night and the next morning handed it to Russell Perkins. It was printed in the May 1973 issue of Sat Sandesh.

It became evident beginning from June 1974, that Master was giving us direct clues about His imminent departure. But it wasn’t until after He left His physical body that we were able to comprehend what He was telling us. For many months He had been turning over much work to Reno Sirrine, head of Ruhani Satsang, Divine Science of the Soul, here in the United States. The final checking and approval of manuscripts before printing was one of the jobs assigned to Reno. Reno was being sent copies of manuscripts and was encouraging our efforts all along until he left his physical frame.

Mr. Sirrine, in compliance with Master’s instructions not to print anything of a controversial nature about other persons or religious bodies, etc., had requested deletion of names of controversial persons, such as leaders, organizations, etc., the knowledge of which could not help us in our spiritual development. Our spiritual development was in fact the prime, foremost purpose of our Beloved Master’s earthly sojourn, His talks to us, and everything He gave out. The love of God manifesting through Him inspired us to seek Him within, to rise above the pettiness of the worldly affairs:

“At least of the twenty-four hours of the day and night, spend some time with Him within you. That costs you nothing. Does it cost you? Then? You’ve come from thousands of miles. What for? Only to learn these few words. Spend some time within you. God says, ‘I’m within you. Don’t make a mockery of Me by seeking Me in outer temples.’ Is it not a good story for you to write?”

Sant Kirpal Singh
20, 1971

“How can I be pleased with you people, if you don’t live up to what I say—if you don’t put in any time to your meditations and be successful there? I’ll be pleased, overjoyed, when you go up, traverse within. So to live by the commandments is the best thing, first step. All else will follow.”

Sant Kirpal Singh
21, 1971

He gave us contact with the ”Bread of Life and Water of Life” and declared:

“That is only the opening. A spring is there, and a little wave will be open—you’ll go and take a swim. It is just like that. But He is not all of the Spring. He is the Mouthpiece of the Spring. Water is coming from where it appears to be working. After all, the water is coming from the spring, from the Perennial Source. All right, then, why should I waste time— you want to go in There. Then try.”

Sant Kirpal Singh
28, 1971

There isn’t anyone who has had anything to do with these Talks who hasn’t benefitted in some way; from those who recorded, transcribed, typed, retyped, edited, retyped, etc., to those who read and “digest.” To His disciples His Words bring sweet remembrance and inspiration to further put into practice His commandments and seek Him within. Kirpal has lit the Light within us and still kindles the flame. To those who have not yet been given inner contact, His Words bring inspiration, hope and guidance.





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