I Never Say Good-bye

Memories of a Visit with God


Kira S. Redeen



Fourth Edition 1999
ISBN 0-9615501-2-0



Dedicated to Param Sant Satguru
Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj
through whom
almighty God
was working





Whatever time we spend together
in the memory of the Godman should be
considered a great blessing.

Kirpal Singh
(in: The Night is a Jungle)

The memory of the Master should be kept alive. Accordingly, I Never Say Good-bye is fully dedicated to the memory of the greatest Saint of the 20th century, Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, the Godman, a perfect man, a being in whom the Power of God, the Word or Naam, was manifested fully, who was and remains beyond description and understanding of any mortal man.

My wife Kira and I visited Sant Kirpal Singh in India four times. I Never Say Good-bye describes our first stay with Him and the unforgettable trip in His Company through the Punjab.

A month later the Great Master wrote to William Cairns, a New York group leader, the following lines:

“The Redeens have enjoyed their short stay over here when they were privileged to tour with the Master for some days. They shall be bringing with them some precious, rich stories of their divine pilgrimage.“

After a 16-year delay, the stories have finally been written down to share with any others who may have interest in reading them.

And thus the contents of I Never Say Good-bye became a book that will acquaint the reader with the character and powers of a Godman, with the worlds beyond, with the Positive Power that returns from the creation to its source, and with the Negative Power which creates, rules, and sustains the lower three planes of the universe.

The subjects we talked about during our Indian visit remain, but the actual words uttered have been replaced in many instances with exact quotations from the Master to avoid any errors. That, in turn, compelled a slight change in sorne people‘s names, but not in their characters or personalities.

Since the Great Master delivered His talks either in Punjabi or Hindi, we learned of their contents only through translators. To avoid possible error their words have been replaced with exact quotations on the subjects as found in Kirpal Singh‘s English language books and talks.

A one-time admirer of the works of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, Kira in preparing this manuscript now found Hemingway‘s terse, brusque reportorial style unacceptable.

A portrait painter by profession, she felt a great affinity for the leisurely, comforting, and pacifying style of the l9th century Russian novelist, I.A. Goncharov.

But certainly more influential than Goncharov was the love that was developed for the Guru Himself. One hears and reads throughout life of those who have achieved perfection in character and action, but despairs of actually meeting such a personage. Thinking back on the thousands of people we have known, only one could be described as “perfect.“ We both agree that His name was Kirpal Singh.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Charles Fulcher who inspired, personaily helped and rnorally supported us during the work on the second edition of I Never Say Good-bye and to Robert McLeod of Ruhani Satsang‘s Board of Directors, who made the fourth edition possible; as well as to Linda Palmer for her kind, uplifting and inspiring words during our work on the fourth revised, expanded edition; as well as to Jerry and Gaynor Evitts, Bridgitt Minor, Victoria Walton and Lon Yarborough, who in loving devotion and dedication spent long hours typing the final version of the book, working on footnotes, inserting additions and making changes; and to all other dear souls who contributed their tirne and hard work to make the publication possible.








Chart of Creation

I. In New York

II. Flight to India

III. In the Ashram

IV. The Master arrives

V. Ludhiana

VI. Ferozepur

VII. Amritsar

VIII. On the Way Back


Sant Kirpal Singh’s Biography

Spiritual Diary



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