Audio Books:

The  'books on CD' ("audio books") in our collection have converted to MP3 files and can be downloaded here.  Each book is read and recorded in its entirety by an Initiate of Kirpal Singh.  These are single files of the entire book (unless otherwise noted),  about 5-6 hours in length. If you would care to note and document the time offset for chapters for the convenience of other listeners, please send them as a plain text file to the website and they will be posted. More books will be digitized and posted online as time allows. (RS)

If there is always at least one authorized spiritual Guide on earth at any time, what are the characteristics which will enable the careful seeker to distinguish Him from those who are not competent? A complete study of the Supreme Mystics and Their hallmarks.
Listening time: 6 hours. File size: 43M


- condensed - "Memories of a Visit with God" by Kira Redeen. The title is a reference to Master Kirpal Singh's parting words when the Redeens were leaving India: "I never say goodbye; I am always with you."
Listening time: 5 hours. File size: 36M

An extensive explanation of the basic principles taught by Guru Nanak (1469-1539 A.D.) with comparative scriptures cited. Stanzas of the Hymns in English.
Listening time: 5:16 hours. File size: 38M

MAN KNOW THYSELF! A talk especially addressed to seekers after Truth. Gives a brief coverage of the essentials of Spirituality and the need for open-minded cautiousness on the part of the careful seeker. A concise introduction to Spirituality and Sant Mat - "The Path of the Masters".
Listening time: 1:03 hours. File size: 7.2M

THE MYSTERY OF DEATH - the reader is presented with the WHYS and WHEREFORES of "the great final change called death."
Listening time: 5:52 hours. File size: 42M

"Live to learn and learn to live is an age-old adage. No man is an island unto himself or can shut himself in
an ivory tower for any length of time. Each one of us contrives a world of one's own according to his mental make-up." English translation of a talk
originally given in Hindi at Sawan Ashram. Text as PDF. Audio in 4 parts: Part 1 (28 minutes), Part 2 (28 minutes), Part 3 (29 minutes), Part 4 (39 minutes).

SPIRITUALITY: What it is  - A straightforward explanation of man's ultimate opportunity. Explores the Science of Spirituality.
Listening time: 4:42 hours. File size: 38M