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The following books by Master Kirpal Singh are available for free lending by mail within the USA. However, we ask that you pay the postage both ways. (We regret that the lending library is USA only due to the fact that the return postage for any country outside of the U.S. would exceed the cost of purchasing the books.)

Please send an email to (if your browser doesn’t support the mailto: command and automatically open your mail program then please use your mail program to send an email to the above address as requested) listing the books you want and your complete name, address and phone number. After the book(s) are mailed we will send you an email with the postal tracking number.

You can return the books by US Postal Service Media Mail. However, only the books and your name and address can be included in the parcel for the low postal rate.

Booklets count as half a book (also half postage):

Counts as two books:

(biography by Kuku and Eileen Wigg) (additional $2.00 postage)

Postage for one book is $4.00

For 2-3 books, postage is $5.00 total.

The maximum per order is three books.

Please return them before ordering more.


After we receive your order we will send you a PayPal invoice for the postage.

This can be paid with a credit card; you do not need a PayPal account.

You can also mail a check made out to ‘Ruhani Satsang’ with the complete order information.

You will responsible for the return postage when you return the books.

Books and other material are also available online for free download:

And they can be purchased from our website bookstore:

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