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From the 1970 Birthday Message:

You will receive further help and encouragement when you read my latest book, entitled "Morning Talks", which is now in the final stages of publication. These talks, which were given by me in the mornings at the time a number of dear ones from the West were staying here at the Ashram, cover almost every facet of what is required to progress on the Way back to God, and succeed one another in such a way as to form a God-given spiritual textbook.

Master Kirpal Singh mentioned that in the past very few Masters wrote anything themselves; others heard their words and wrote them down. The Master reminded us how fortunate we are in this time to have His books in print, His voice on tape, and movies and photographs to enjoy.

Morning Talks were recorded at Sawan Ashram, Delhi, India, during the period from fall 1967 to early 1969.

It had always been a daily practice for disciples to gather at the ashram for early meditation in the 'shed' [a roof and three walls]. After meditation, the Master would walk across to the shed to spend some time with the sitters, checking progress in meditation, and giving a few words of advice.

One day Master asked us to bring a tape recorder the following morning. It soon became evident that Master was giving short talks on definite aspects of the spiritual path in detail, aiming the talks at the already initiated.

Together with the sounds of birds chirping, crows screeching, carpenters at work, children at play, vendors shouting their wares, trains passing close by, and other 'noises of India', these beautiful precious talks - some including enchanting passages of Master speaking Hindi mixed with English -were recorded for posterity.

When Master gave the Morning Talks He spoke both in Hindi and in English. The general pattern was that He would speak first in Hindi then He would repeat, in a general way, the same talk in English. The English portion of these talks resulted in a l3-CD set and was the basis of the "Morning Talks" book. This 12-CD set is the Hindi language part of the talks.

These CDs were mastered and produced from original reel-to-reel tapes. All those involved hope the talks will be enjoyed and cherished - Khuku Narendra, Eileen Wigg

       CD 1 of 12
 1. Pvittrata (Brahmcharya) "Chastity" (file name: HindiMT1-01.mp3  length 19:18  file size: 2.3Mb)
 2. Guru Shishya ke beech rishta "Relationship of the Guru and Disciple" (file name: HindiMT1-02.mp3  length 23:08  file size: 2.8Mb)
 3. Sewa I "Sevadar Service I" 
(file name: HindiMT1-03.mp3 length 23:08  file size: 2.8Mb)
 4-5. Sewa II "Sevadar Service II" (file name: HindiMT1-04.mp3 length 23:08  file size: 2.8Mb) + (file name: HindiMT1-05.mp3 length 7:39  file size: .9Mb)

        CD 2 of 12
 1. Prabhu Prem Hai "God is Love" (file name: HindiMT2-01.mp3 length: 21:15 file size: 2.4 Mb)
 2. Prem ka mahatv I "Importance of Love I" (file name: HindiMT2-02.mp3 length: 24:56  file size: 2.8 Mb)
 3. Prem ka mahatv II "Importance of Love II" (file name: HindiMT2-03.mp3 length: 23:32 file size: 2.7 Mb)

        CD 3 of 12
 1. Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn" 
(file name: HindiMT3-01.mp3 length: 8:39 file size: 1.0 Mb)
 2. Prem "Love" 
(file name: HindiMT3-02.mp3 length: 27:33 file size: 3.3 Mb)
Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn"  (file name: HindiMT3-03.mp3 length: 6:37 file size: .8 Mb)
Nmarta "Humility"  (file name: HindiMT3-04.mp3 length: 32:53 file size: 3.9 Mb)

        CD 4 of 12
  1. Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn" (file name: HindiMT4-01.mp3 length: 4:15 file size: .5 Mb)
  2. Pvittrata(Brahmcharya) II "Chastity II"  (file name: HindiMT4-02.mp3 length: 15:23 file size: 1.8 Mb)
  3. Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn"  (file name: HindiMT4-03.mp3 length: 6:44 file size: .8 Mb)
  4. Daan ya seva dena "Charity"  (file name: HindiMT4-04.mp3 length: 5:58 file size: .7 Mb)
  5. Ahimsa "Non-violence"  (file name: HindiMT4-05.mp3 length: 10:05 file size: 1.2 Mb)
  6. Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn" (file name: HindiMT4-06.mp3 length: 4:24 file size: .5 Mb)
  7. Jeete Jagte Mahapurush ka milna ek ganimat hai "Living Master is a Great Blessing"  (file name: HindiMT4-07.mp3 length: 9:43 file size: 1.2 Mb)
  8. Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn"  (file name: HindiMT4-08.mp3 length: 1:52 file size: .2 Mb)
  9. Madhur yaad se Prem Badhta hai "Sweet Remembrance Develops Love"  (file name: HindiMT4-09.mp3 length: 19:41 file size: 2.4 Mb)

        CD 5 of 12
  1. Sahbd Pathi "Pathi - Hymn"  (file name: HindiMT5-01.mp3 length: 5:44 file size: .7 Mb)  
  2. Prem ka sambandh Dil se hai, Dimag se Nahin
"Love is the subject of Heart, not Head I" 
(file name: HindiMT5-02.mp3 length: 11:52 file size: 1.4 Mb)  
  3. Hmara Prem Guru se hona Chahiye
"Our Love should be for the Master" 
(file name: HindiMT5-03.mp3 length: 10:40 file size: 1.3 Mb)
  4. Prem Guru ki Aankhon se Prapat Hota hai
"Love comes from the eyes of the Master" 
(file name: HindiMT5-04.mp3 length: 12:23 file size: 1.5 Mb)
  5. Prem se Puran Smarpan upjta hai
"Love leads to complete Surrender" 
(file name: HindiMT5-05.mp3 length: 8:52 file size: 1.1 Mb)
  6. Hamen kis se Prem Karna Chahiye?
"Whom should we Love I" 
(file name: HindiMT5-06.mp3 length: 9:40 file size: 1.2 Mb)
  7. Bhram se Bahr Niklen
"Come out of the Delusion" 
(file name: HindiMT5-07.mp3 length: 19:38 file size: 2.4 Mb)

        CD 6 of 12 
  1. Saccha Satguru Kaun hai "Who is the True Master?" 
(file name: HindiMT6-01.mp3 length: 25:51 file size: 3.1 Mb) 
  2.  continued  (file name: HindiMT6-02.mp3 length: 3:23 file size: .4 Mb)  
  3. Sacchi Shrdha Rang Lati hai "True Devotion bears Fruit"  (file name: HindiMT6-03.mp3 length: 18:31 file size: 2.2 Mb)  
  4. Is Raste par Rukavten "Impediments on the Way"  (file name: HindiMT6-04.mp3 length: 8:34 file size: 1.0 Mb) 
  5. Hamen Guru se Prem Kyon Karna Chahiye I  "Why we should Love the Master I"  (file name: HindiMT6-05.mp3 length: 11:05 file size: 1.3 Mb)  
  6. Prabhu ki Bhakti Kaise Kren "How to do Devotion to God"  (file name: HindiMT6-06.mp3 length: 11:00 file size: 1.3 Mb)  

        CD 7 of 12 
  1. Apane Aap ko Jano "Know Thyself" 
(file name: HindiMT7-01.mp3 length: 55:17 file size: 6.6 Mb) 
  2. Nirantarta se Bhav-Bhakti Paida Hoti hai "Regularity develops Devotion"  (file name: HindiMT7-02.mp3 length: 19:50 file size: 2.4 Mb) 

        CD 8 of 12 
 1. Bhakti ke Sidhant "Principles of Bhakti"  (file name: HindiMT8-01.mp3 length: 20:51 file size: 2.5 Mb)  
 2. Satguru ka Hukm Manana I
"Obedience to the Master I" 
(file name: HindiMT8-02.mp3 length: 15:54 file size: 1.9 Mb)  
 3. Kis Tareh ki Bhakti Fal Lati hai?
"What type of Devotion bears Fruit" 
(file name: HindiMT8-03.mp3 length: 13:59 file size: 1.7 Mb)  
 4. Kewal Prabhu/Satguru ki Ichha se hi us ki seva ka avsar milta hai
"By His Will alone is service in the Master's Cause allotted" 
(file name: HindiMT8-04.mp3 length: 14:03 file size: 1.7 Mb)  
 5. Saccha Jivan-Ek Niyantrit Jivan
"Righteous Living - a life of self-restraint" 
(file name: HindiMT8-05.mp3 length: 9:59 file size: 1.2 Mb) 

        CD 9 of 12 
 1. Satsang ka Uddeshye
"Purpose of Satsang" 
(file name: HindiMT9-01.mp3 length: 6:24 file size: .8 Mb) 
 2. Grehansheelta ke dvara Prapat radiation ka Laabh
"Benefit of Radiation through Receptivity" 
(file name: HindiMT9-02.mp3 length: 3:49 file size: .5 Mb) 
 3. Jivan ki asli Khurak
"Bread and Water of Life" 
(file name: HindiMT9-03.mp3 length: 9:01 file size: 1.1 Mb)
 4. Ek Aankh Banna
"The Single Eye" 
(file name: HindiMT9-04.mp3 length: 18:00 file size: 2.2 Mb)
 5. Sant ki sangat ke Laabh
"Value of the Company of a Saint" 
(file name: HindiMT9-05.mp3 length: 11:00 file size: 1.3 Mb)
 6. Prem Kya Hota hai?
"What is Love?" 
(file name: HindiMT9-06.mp3 length: 11:45 file size: 1.4 Mb)
 7. Prabhu se Prem Kaise Karen
"How to Love God" 
(file name: HindiMT9-07.mp3 length: 10:43 file size: 1.3 Mb)

        CD 10 of 12 
 1. Prem ek  Drakht ka fal hai "Love is the Fruit from a Tree"  (file name: HindiMT10-01.mp3 length: 17:20 file size: 2.1 Mb)
 2. Sacch Aazadi "The Real Independence"  (file name: HindiMT10-02.mp3 length: 13:00 file size: 1.6 Mb)
 3. Satguru ki Khuahi  ke Laabh
"Value of the Master's Pleasure" 
(file name: HindiMT10-03.mp3 length: 19:13 file size: 2.3 Mb)
 4. Hamen kis se Prem Karna Chahiye 
"Whom should we Love" 
(file name: HindiMT10-04.mp3 length: 14:43 file size: 1.8 Mb)
 5. Prem ya Lampat taie I
"Love or Attachment I" 
(file name: HindiMT10-05.mp3 length: 14:43 file size: 1.8 Mb) 

        CD 11 of 12 
 1. Prem ya Lampat taie II
"Love or Attachment II" 
(file name: HindiMT11-01.mp3 length: 14:43 file size: 1.8 Mb) 
 2. Satguru ka Hukm Manana II
"Obedience to the Master II" 
(file name: HindiMT11-02.mp3 length: 11:46 file size: 1.4 Mb)  
 3. Prem Kaise Panpta hai
"How Love is developed" 
(file name: HindiMT11-03.mp3 length: 8:35 file size: 1.0 Mb)   
 4. Prabhu ki taraf raasta
"The Way back to God" 
(file name: HindiMT11-04.mp3 length: 13:21 file size: 1.6 Mb)   
 5. Prem ke sath Aatam Smarpan 
"Love with Surrender" 
(file name: HindiMT11-05.mp3 length: 17:47 file size: 2.1 Mb)   
 6. Prem ka sambandh Dil se hai, Dimag se Nahin II
"Love is a subject of Heart, not Head II"
(file name: HindiMT11-06.mp3 length: 9:50 file size: 1.2 Mb) 

        CD 12 of 12
 1. Prarthana
(file name: HindiMT12-01.mp3 length: 21:51 file size: 2.6 Mb) 
 2. Sachcha Pyar "True Love"  (file name: HindiMT12-02.mp3 length: 24:56 file size: 3.0 Mb)   
 3. Bhav-bhakti kyun zaroori hai
"Why Devotion is necessary" 
(file name: HindiMT12-03.mp3 length: 3:45 file size: .5 Mb)  
 4. Hamen Guru se Prem Kyon Karna Chahiye II
"Why we should love the Master II" 
(file name: HindiMT12-04.mp3 length: 2:52 file size: .3 Mb)