May 15, 1971

    Among all the sciences, the most important is that of "Pra Vidya" - the science of God-Power, working alike in Man and the rest of God's creation. Being God-made, it is the most natural and perfect in every respect. This inner science is eternally the same and knows no variableness (and hence Sanatan). As it is the most ancient in point of time, it is call Puratan, "the oldest." It is "Ilm-i-Seena", that is esoteric in character and not "Ilm-i-Safina" (exoteric). The Mahatmas or Great Souls of the grade of Sant or Sadh are the Masters of this Science. They are the only competent personalities who have traversed all the spiritual planes and can also help those willing and aspiring souls who seek God-knowledge and God realisation. Such personages are
called "Master Souls" or "Satgurus" (in tune with Sat or Truth). They are Word Masters for they are commissioned by the God Power to help such souls go homeward who have God's Name writ in their foreheads. Such indeed was Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

    To cross the physical plane or to rise above body consciousness while yet in the bodily tabernacle, Satguru gives the Simran of five Names and a conscious contact with the Sound Current, besides some inner vision of the holy light, by way of practical experience of this Science. Satguru's real Saroop or Form is Shabd -- the charming Sound Current, differently called as Word by Christ; Kalam-e-Qadim or Kalma of Kun-feo-kun by the Prophet of Islam; Vak or "Nad" by the Vedas; Shruti, by the Upnishads; Naam by Guru Nanak Dev, Tulsi Sahib and other saints of the highest order. The physical Self of such beings also deserves all our reverence because they mastered this hidden Science in the temple of their body. The physical body is the human pole of the God Power and is meant for giving us instructions on the human level and to enable us to recognise our Satguru in His Luminous Form (Jyoti Saroop), appearing inside on spiritual planes. By giving us contact at the lowest link of Light and Sound principle the Satguru gives us the permanent living symbols of His true Self and in this wise dwells within us. All physical bodies are perishable, but Shabd is eternally permanent and is the only live principle to guide us on the God Way. It never leaves nor forsakes the disciple even in the hereafter and leads us from plane to plane until we reach the True Home of our Father in Heaven. Thus the real Form of the Satguru -- the Radiant Ringing Light, eternally remains and cannot suffer death.

    In fact, the epithets "Word Master" and "Satguru" were exclusively and reservedly meant for those Sadhs and Sants of the highest order who could give contact of the Shabd (Sound Current), but as the general public does not understand this practical Science, these are now-a-days used indiscriminately for each and everybody who professes to be so or puts on the holy garb (Ochre or Black or Blue) of any distinctive order.

    The Sound Current as coming from above is all one. But as it passes through different planes, it sounds differently, in the same way as wood, brass, iron or copper would react differently and produce a different sound when struck by the same rod because of the varying vibratory density of each. The Shabd or Word is to be caught with attention (Surat) and not by the external ears. And attention when attuned with the Shabd directly goes upwards, getting easy access from the presiding pontiff or the sovereign ruler of each plane, all of whom owe their allegiance to the Word Master.

 All simrans have advantages. Tennyson gives a wonderful experience of his own name:

    A kind of "waking Trance" I have frequently had quite up from
    boyhood when I have been all alone. This has generally come upon
    me through repeating my own name two or three times to myself
    silently till all at once, as it were, out of the intensity
    of the consciousness of individuality, the individuality itself
    seems to dissolve and fade away into boundless being, and this
    is not a confused state but the clearest of the clearest, surest
    of the surest, the wisest of the wisest, utterly beyond words,
    where death was a laughable impossibility, the loss of personality
    (if so it were) seemingly but the only true life. I am ashamed
    of my feeble description. Have I not said the state is utterly
    beyond words?

 It is a practical process. The Simran of five Names with concentration of Surat (Attention) continuously and without a break or pause, grants all powers, which practice alone can convince an Abhyasi. Some of the  advantages of the Simran of five Names with Dhyan are summed up briefly here:

    1. It creates love for the Satguru to a degree which is very hard
       to cherish, cultivate and develop by any other possible means
       within the reach of man.

    2. It provides the easiest access to help "concentration". It makes
       will power strong. The thought-transference from the Guru along
       with the five Names works wonders.

    3. It enables the Surat to invert or tap inside (that is to withdraw
       from the physical body) and to traverse all the higher planes,
       while the simran of other words leads only to concentration up to
       the back of the eyes, the top of pind (body). If however the Master
       other than that of the rank of a Sadh or Sant gives other formulas
       or formulae, with an access to a slightly higher stage, then one may
       go a little higher to that stage but cannot secure admission to all
       the spiritual planes above that. Thus, the Simran of five Names
       given by a practical and competent Satguru or Word Master acts as
       a "password" for access to all the planes.

    4. Again, when on withdrawal from the physical body, deities or other
       formidable figures appear before us inside to dissuade or to block
       the passage upwards, or Kal (Negative Power) in the guise of
       Satguru tries to deceive us or obstructs, the Simran of five Names
       unmasks them all and chases them away from the Path. It is only
       the Satguru or any other associate Saint who traverses all the five
       planes, who can stand before the Simran of the charged Names. Thus,
       it protects and helps us inwardly in our spiritual journeys.

    We express ourselves through words of mouth and everything that is named is distinguishable one from the other, for each has some specific significance. The literal meanings of the words will hardly do us any good nor will they be of any useful service. On the other hand, they will divert our attention outside. We will be mixing up the various meanings of each word given in the various dictionaries or the explanations and annotations given by commentators because, like Vachak Gyanis, they try to interpret on the level of the intellect...The aim of all the teachings of the saints is to still the mental flutterings and push the disciple soul inside his ownself by repetition of the five Names which are infused with "Guru's thought transference."...Suffice it to say that as a first step a disciple should concern himself with the Simran of five Names as key words or passwords to enter into the Holy Hill fortress of the inner Self and he need not dwell on the meanings of the five Names. It may be noted that the secret of success lies not in the words per se but in the thought-transference imparted along with the words by the Master, for this alone brings about the desired results.

    There is nothing lost in nature, but the charged Words can give quicker results -- as a fruit-growing tree takes six to seven years to give fruit, but if it is given scientific food, it gives fruit in two or three years.

Your Affectionately,

Kirpal Singh

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