The Light of Kirpal


We are pleased to offer you The Light of Kirpal CD's. This set of 8 CD's was recorded originally on audio cassettes by Robert Redeen, an initiate of Master Kirpal Singh, during his 1969 and 1970 visits with Master in India. They are printed in the book The Light of Kirpal as Talks 1 through 17.

These talks are unedited. Given mainly to small groups of visiting initiates from the West at Sawan Ashram in Delhi and Master Kirpal Singh's home on Rajpur Road, Rajpur, they are of a more intimate nature than those given to larger audiences. In the background you will hear humming crickets, chirping birds, occasional train whistles, conversations in Hindi and sounds of daily activities. Occasionally there will be no talking but only the sounds of nature, etc. Listening to these CD's, especially during the Rajpur sessions, the writer found herself once more in India, sitting at the Feet of her Master.

The basic format is that of questions, (from Mr. Redeen and the initiates), and answers, (from Master Kirpal Singh), which often expand to talks. The subjects are many and diverse, including governments, politics and politicians, science and scientists, dreams, visions, marriage, prayer, rituals, man making, true spirituality, initiation, protection of the Master and meditation (which is addressed repeatedly from many aspects).

Audio Quality: Fair to Excellent

Much effort has been made to improve the audio quality of the original tapes including enlisting the services of a professional sound engineer, and they are made by a professional CD company. One can also follow along in the book for added clarity, if needed, as the corresponding talks are indicated in parenthesis on both the CD Labels and the Tray Cards.

Tray Cards:

The Tray cards are the cards on the back of the CD cases. They list the talk's number, (in parenthesis), the main topics in each talk and the length of each talk. Extra Tracks have been added for your listening convenience, so you can easily find your way back to where you left off. The extra tracks do not interrupt the flow of sound and they are also timed. The Tray Cards will route you through the book in the two instances where there is a discrepancy between the talk in the book and the talk on the CD's. They will also, in most instances, alert you to those sections where there is no talking but only sounds  of nature, etc. Since the book is edited and the CD's are not, occasionally what you hear on the CD will not be in the book. In some cases, but not all, that will also be indicated on the Tray Card.


USA, Canada and Mexico:

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International: $24.00 + postage

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The Light of Kirpal Book: The book,The Light of Kirpal, is currently available from Ruhani Satsang at $15.00, including postage, California residents please add the 7 3/4% sales tax. The book is also online in it's entirety here: The Light of Kirpal

June 2004