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These images, for the most part, are from publications rather than photographs and were scanned using a budget grey-scale handheld scanner. Photos are (were?) also 'halftoned' as part of the publishing process ... leading to the unusual patterns in some of the images. That and the fact that the grey scale palette doesn't always 'line up' with Window's palette reduces quality to less than might be hoped for. Photo contributions invited. Update: new flatbed scanner onboard ... future additions will have improved quality.

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These four rows of images are scanned from publications:

Images from "Satsang by the roadside" published in February 1976 issue of Sat Sandesh

and these images are from photos:

(Click on  this graphic  to retreive the original (larger) scan of an image. Not available for all files. )

960x675 greyscale 99k750x1000  114k1215x 1498 greyscale 228k1055x1363 greyscale 134k925x711 88k


Two versions of a short MPEG "movie" of Kirpal Singh at his home in Rajpur ... taken during the early 1970's  Rajpur70s.mpg  (File size: 1.3M)  Rajpur70s2.mpg  (File size: .8M)

The original scans of the following images are available for printing, etc. Click on thumbnail to retreive file. (conversion of these links to red dots below the images
displayed above is in progress)



"BD02.JPG" 750 x 1000 greyscale 114k

"Tea150.jpg" 1468 x 1185 x 24 bit color 173K
"Tour150.jpg" 1408 x 1145 x 24 bit color 143K

"Worksite150.jpg 1508 x 1170 x 24 bit color 340K

"Rajpur_garden.jpg" 1024x768 x 24bit color 325K

"ksjtbw2.jpg" 1728x1360x256 greyscale .jpg file 290K

"ksjtbw1.jpg" 1713x1360x256 greyscale .jpg file 446k

"kirpal1-150.jpg" 1020 x 1488 x 24 bit color .jpg 176k

"pray_150.jpg" 1004 x 1408 x 256 greyscale .jpg file 150K

"pray2_100.jpg" 735 x 935 x 256 greyscale .jpg file 355K

"bd99_100.jpg" 396 x 592 x 256 greyscale .jpg file 159K

"bd2k.jpg" 494 x 694 x 256 greyscale .jpg file 153K

"bd2001_org.jpg" 1160x1513 x 24 bit color 175k
"BeneathJasmine.jpg" 1000 x 1232 x 24bit color 90K
"AjmeerGarden.jpg" 1067 x 711 x 24bit color 825k
"albw1.jpg" 1080 x 1448 x 8bit grey 81K

Adjustments (contrast, brightness, etc) to copies of these images when saved on your computer can be made with image editing and viewing tools. Save an image by placing your cursor over it and then clicking the right mouse button. Then click the "Save Image as ..." option and specify a name (and path if desired). Remember to load the larger image first unless you want to save the smaller 'thumbnail' image which is shown on this page.

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