Photo Album

These images, for the most part, are from publications rather than photographs and were scanned using a budget grey-scale handheld scanner. Photos are (were?) also 'halftoned' as part of the publishing process ... leading to the unusual patterns in some of the images. That and the fact that the grey scale palette doesn't always 'line up' with Window's palette reduces quality to less than might be hoped for. Photo contributions invited. Update: new flatbed scanner onboard ... future additions will have improved quality. The location of this page has recently moved, be sure to change your bookmark if you have one.

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These three rows of images are scanned from publications:



and these images are from photos:

Adjustments (contrast, brightness, etc) to copies of these images when saved on your computer can be made with image editing and viewing tools. Save an image by placing your cursor over it and then clicking the right mouse button. Then click the "Save Image as ..." option and specify a name (and path if desired). Remember to load the larger image first unless you want to save the smaller 'thumbnail' image which is shown on this page.

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